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    Singing in my choral society, music, growing plants, walking and travelling.
  1. The pot is sitting in about 4 cm of distilled water. There is a light but no heating in the tank . It is fairly humid as the lid is on and only a very small air gap to stop it misting up.
  2. The drosera aliciae in the terrarium has turned a dull red with a little brown on it and lost all its dew. It has been looking good for the last year. Should I take off all the leaves and let it grow again from its roots? Should I just leave it alone? Or what should I do with it?
  3. Thankyou for saying so. It has given a lot of people at school who see it, a lot of pleasure. I have had so many positive comments about it. I have become really interested in carnivorous plants through setting it up. And I can't wait to buy more!
  4. The B.liniflora looks good - may have to get that, I think the tank could do with some flowers. The D.spatulata and capensis flowers look nice too.
  5. Thanks for photobucket idea. I have joined and used to add some photos.
  6. Many thanks to the last two replies. The plants can't catch any flies as the tank has a lid on and the air gap is very small. It does have a day light tube in it. The cephalotus follicularis has not died back and still doing really well, about the only one that is. As I am not a computer wiz, I still haven't figured out how to post photos. How do I post them on to my introduction page or anywhere else ?
  7. Hello everyone. I am a school biology technician and last March I set up a carnivorous plant terrarium in an old fish tank in our Science reception. I put about 10 cm of gravel on the bottom and filled with distilled water to 1cm over the gravel. I then placed the plants in their pots in the gravel. We have Sarracenia Jutathip Soper, Readii, Oreopila minor, Catesbii, Purpurea. Also Drosera alicae, binata and capensis. And a Nepenthes ventrata , two Venus fly traps and a Cephalotus follicularis. Last year they looked really good and everyone enjoyed them. Most of them have died back during the winter. The Drosera alicae has looked really good until last week when it has turned a dull red and lost all its dew. What I should do with it now? I haven't fed any of the plants with anything. What should I be feeding them with and how often? They haven't outgrown their pots but should I repot them? I have joined this forum as I am not sure what to do with the plants from now on. From Courtauld.