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  1. carlos_ray

    D. Nidiformis

    Hi guys, I got this species 3 days ago, but can't really find any information about the way it should be cultivated... Is it better to put it in my terrarium, or could it survive outside? I guess I could do as I do for D. Capensis or D. Aliciae... Thanks a lot for your help! Fred
  2. Hey, this is a very original title, isn't it? So I'm new here, and I have grown CP for about 5 to 6 years, but it's only now that I have a garden and a bit more space in the house that I can start a "real collection"! I'm 33 and I live in the East of France, not very far from Geneva. These plants are really becoming a passion, I haven't got a lot of them for the moment, but the collection is getting bigger week after week. I'm fond of Sarracenia, I made a little bog outside, in a big empty wooden pot, and I'm trying to get a few dionaeas (5 cultivars so far). Plus some esay-to-grow Nepenthes, a cool little Cephalotus, a ping, some Drosera, a bladderwort... I hope I can get some useful information here, and I sure will try and help if someone's in need! Thanks for reading! Fred