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  1. Exactly. I'm glad you have liked the photos =)
  2. Some photos of pinguicula alpina, in the North of Italy Pinguicula alpina di blackd.712, su Flickr And the flower Bye
  3. Hi everyone, I put some photos that I did in the last time... good vision. Bye
  4. Welcome Simone!! Ciao!
  5. 3° torbiera Drosera longifolia (= anglica) Bye Bye
  6. Hi to everyone! I put some photos that I did yesterday in the zone of Belluno!! Good vision :) 1° torbiera Drosere rotundifolia ---- Pinguicula alpina 2° torbiera Canis lupus familiaris
  7. Hi, some pictures of pinguicula alpina :) 1° site 2° site