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  1. Good photos dimi - plant colour is as good as I’ve seen. Stephens colours in the winter look fantastic
  2. Looks good dimi - good colours
  3. What do you use as a top dressing??
  4. wozzen

    Yamada Giant

    Bidde - was this a cutting from someone?
  5. A lot are slow growers I struggle with a few of mine. But it's always good to see them a year or so later. I'm sure one will root one day dimi! Carl's Tom Thumb looked good a year on too! Hope your well also
  6. Love the update dimi. How old is this? Love how you get your lids. Has it grown much? I only ask as you had a measuring tape in the first set of pictures
  7. Reply, really like this Carl! Cant believe how well it's done under a year! Would love to know if you ever divide or do anything of the sort.
  8. No Carl, that's fantastic what I was looking for. Loving the colour.. How have you done with the propergating it?? Cheers matt
  9. Carl do you have any updated pictures?
  10. Love the colour on this dimi, how long do you have the lights on for per day??
  11. Have you taken many lead cuttings??
  12. Do like the variations of the 3 cephs you've put up shows that traits arnt always genetic
  13. A lot easier to upload stuff directly from phones an such now!!
  14. I'll drop you an email in the next few days see how your doing.
  15. Great stuff mark! Good things coming north for you!! Hard works paid off