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  1. Good photos dimi - plant colour is as good as I’ve seen. Stephens colours in the winter look fantastic
  2. Looks good dimi - good colours
  3. What do you use as a top dressing??
  4. wozzen

    Yamada Giant

    Bidde - was this a cutting from someone?
  5. A lot are slow growers I struggle with a few of mine. But it's always good to see them a year or so later. I'm sure one will root one day dimi! Carl's Tom Thumb looked good a year on too! Hope your well also
  6. Love the update dimi. How old is this? Love how you get your lids. Has it grown much? I only ask as you had a measuring tape in the first set of pictures
  7. Reply, really like this Carl! Cant believe how well it's done under a year! Would love to know if you ever divide or do anything of the sort.
  8. No Carl, that's fantastic what I was looking for. Loving the colour.. How have you done with the propergating it?? Cheers matt
  9. Carl do you have any updated pictures?