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    I can´t find it
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    Where is the forum chat?
  3. Bought from him back in 2012, good and healthy plants, still have them. I ordered yesterday two nepenthes, you can see in his site that till 19/06 they are in exhibitions so they are busy now.
  4. Do you know if the bananas of this banana tree are edible?
  5. Such a minuscle pulchella flowering!
  6. Seems for me that one of them is just a variation of another... Like jaumavensis is just a local variation of esseriana...
  7. So, anyone has a plausible explanation to distinguish this two?
  8. Hello, I´m wondering, it is necessary a cites permission to buy a Nepenthes rajah from United Kingdom to EU(Portugal in my case) ?
  9. Sarracenia leucophylla x S.xmoorei Drosera latifolia
  10. Just a vertical pot like if it was a vertical cliff.
  11. Drosera scorpioides Pinguicula jaumavensis Pinguicula emarginata
  12. I suggest you Pinguicula emarginata, go well with winter temperatures below 0ºC and in summer with temperatures above 40ºC. Almost always flowering for me.
  13. Interesting, i see that there you do research that i have interest in ehehe, im on a bachelor in Biotechnology so... im in in vitro culture ehehe.
  14. Apart from the amazing plants there with an excelent controled environment, im curious about the studies you do there? Phenolic compounds extraction?Genetics?
  15. But i have space :) , i dont care with the cuttings, many people would like one. Actually i think i will try it, if it doesnt go well after 2 years i will give it to another person with better conditions.
  16. And any differences of some clones, more robust ones? (Nepenthes bicalcarata ´Brunei, red flush´,Nepenthes bicalcarata ´Sarawak Giant Red´, Nepenthes bicalcarata ´Brunei, orange´)
  17. So you think its better don´t try it?