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  1. Wow. Those are some AWESOME cephs.
  2. Yea it is... Sadly. Anyway, its a really nice place, but it has been effected badly by a drought (this was my 2nd trip to this place) I really want to go sometime in the spring, so I can see the flowers.
  3. Hi there, and happy new year!
  4. Decently... I'm gonna have pancakes this morning. YUM!
  5. Well, how is 2013 going for y'all over in the EU?
  6. Happy (almost) new year! (I'm one hour away from 2013 here)
  7. Wow! The peristome on the veitchii is incredible for such a tiny pitcher! What potting medium do you use for the reniformis and humboldtii?
  8. Oh well... No problem! I love visiting CP habitat...
  9. It could have a lid! Unless you want an N. intermis shaped one... Anyway, very nice!
  10. Thanks! The rosetted ones are pings (the leaves are greasy)... They've been in a drought for a year or so... So have I... On another note, I do grow bananas and have the cultivar 'Rajapuri' fruiting right now... I may get another bloom in May or June. The Sarracenia madeofplastico is in the visitors center of the Big Thicket nature preserve. It is about 8-15 feet high... Happy New Year!