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  1. Please can you send me the Lowrie list.


    [email protected]

  2. About a year ago I become interested in Ferns, and started growing from spore - The BPS has an annual distribution. One needs the patience of a Saint! Definitely a long term project.
  3. Last time I saw the first 2 volumes for sale they went for over £200 each
  4. Are you able to move the greenhouse to another part of the garden? Or maybe ask the neighbour if he will reduce the height of the fence next to the gh?
  5. I am considering ordering from them too sometime in the near future. Will be interested to see what your experience with them is.
  6. Ares

    Nepenthes supplier

    Thanks for the info. Carnivorea might be the better option then.
  7. Ares

    Nepenthes supplier

    Welshy, No prob. Thanks The 2 suppliers that have them listed would be ok, Am just wanting some feedback as to reliablility.
  8. Ares

    Nepenthes supplier

    Ah, found it. His are out of stock.
  9. Ares

    Nepenthes supplier

    Welshy I had a quick look: http://www.czplants.com/prodej.php?sid=b31531dbe8544aa9a4288778a196bce2&hledej=&jaka=196&kolik=50&smer=&od=51 Seems he has? Can you let me have the link for Roraima. A google search shows a cactus nursery in Australia!
  10. Hi, I am looking to get a Nepenthes robcantlyi from either: CZ Plants Carnivorea EU Has anyone had any experience with either of these? Any suggestions of who I should order from? Thanks
  11. Ares

    New Species

    Been paging through my copy of Magnum Opus. Seems to me that Lowrie has described a lot of new species. Particularly of the Drosera indica group. How distinct are these new species? Are there only minor differences?
  12. Mine has arrived finally! The books themselves seem fantastic.
  13. I use Westlands. It is the only peat I can get hold of. Have had mixed results with it. Some plant losses. But I don't know if it's the peat itself, or some other problem.
  14. I ordered directly from Redfern, and am still waiting......
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