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  1. I would glad to see (Xharryana X jamban)X(hamata X jacquelineae), hamataXdubiaXattenboroughii and villosa X (villosaXrobertcantleyi).
  2. running a TC lab!

  3. Hi,everyone from CPUK, In my way from classroom to Lab today,I found a kind of intresting mushroom under the bamboo shade.As I'm very intrested in edible fungy I know that it is a very valueble mushroom,which in chinese is called"zhu yan wo",literally means "bamboo birds' nest". But what confused me is that I can never find it's scientific name in many databases,both in chinese and in english,naturally it's impossible to download researching thesis of this fungus(actually I'm wondering wheather it is one of undiscovered new spices). So I post these pics,hoping that some of you experie
  4. In LIaoLing provence have long been claimed that wind and solar energy are "state-owened-properties" haha. please read this link to learn more:, A translator may needed.
  5. It is often happend on drosera that a plantlet growes from the exact center of one of old leaves that are in touch of medium.In this case,"daughter plant" is easy to seperate by merely cutting off the leaf it growes on,then transplant.
  6. Hmm,I suddenly find my camera do not work! I could only take these fotoes with nokia... 1. plantlets deflasked and washed 2. In the acclimation container(there are only a few,because most of them growed new leaves and have been transplanted ), transplanted plantlets: Hope these helps!
  7. Hi there, I TCed a batch of vfts and until now,there are about 80% of plantlets survived the acclimation prozess.Protocals I used are listed as follows: 1. saturate air humidity for the first 3 weeks until platnlets form new leaves,then gradually decrease it(cut holes on the humidity-sustaining film). 2. 50 watt T8 lamp. light is not so crucial ,for plants stay in the acclimating container temporarily after all. 3. It dosen't matter wheather air exchanges if my "pseudo-planting" medium is clean enough.But it may be better if I can garantee both humidity and air freshness,making i
  8. Kirra~~A fat fish eject from the tube,CatMario dead again...

  9. Hi,Mr moderator, Any way, I should have post more pics contains explicit I shall add some pics of my starting material :) what's a pity,I could not find out pics of edelweiss living environment from the messed-up harddisk...
  10. Hello mobile, They are relly edelweiss.I will try to find out and post their photographs picked in their habitat.
  11. Hi,Andreas, You are eye sharped.I actually do use a translator in responce of you. language in your land is for me with great grammar difficulty,makeing it not easy to formulate a grammatically right paragraph though it's not hard to understand.That's one of these reasons that I turned to English 4 years ago.So that's why I said "have learned" rather than "have been learning". (I shall not go sth about language too far for fears that this topic get deleted by Admin :) ) I picked up these edelweiss and their seeds in TianShan mountain at the altitude of about 3700 m where sunlight is ver
  12. hallo,Andreas, Erste,viele Dank für Ihre gute Wünschen. wie bin ich ein chinesischer, habe ich von niemandem mitgeteilt worden, dass besondere Pflanzen und Tiere als Aphrodisiacs sein könnte. deshalb davon hab'ich nicht Ahnung, ob es die wahrheit ist. Dies kann in einigen abgelegenen Gegend aufttrit, wo die moderne Wissenschaft und Erziehung durch die natürlichen Bedingungen relativ beschränkt sind und traditionellen Aberglauben beherrscht Völkers Geist(Das schreibt unsere zentrale regirung zu,dass millionen USD,die angewendet in der Eigenentwicklung sollen, dem Afrika und nordkorea zuz
  13. HI,Andreas Eils, may be I used incorrect word "supplement" which may refer to aphrodisiacs but I absolutely do not mean that(instead I have learnd a artical,it said some south european would use beetle and wein as aphrodisiacs in 18-19th).I just want to talk about propagation of this plant and hope one day herbal drug practitioners would extract effective components from artificially produced plants instead of from ones collected from the fragile high-land living habitat. As you talked about the "natural shiny white" edelweiss I'd like to say any plants would grow happier in their natural
  14. Hello everyone, At the same time of paopagating vfts,I also get some plants of leontopodium leontopodies (Edelweiss) and carry out TC experiment of them.Here are some pics to share with :) Red callus,inducted under inappropriate hormone circumstances,are took as inefficient to regenerate adventitious buds. This is the granie-like,green callus,we can also see that there are already some plantlets are growing at the surface of them. Seems like unpossible for roots to get inducted~ Regenerating and proliferation These plantlets are booming in the flask!! Another bac