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  1. In italy I do not know where to find Tesco. I have cat litter with a different brand but it is self-amalgamating and I do not think it's good.
  2. Warm...yes, it was like summer two weeks ago and now it is like autumn...rain rain every day. I have pomice, but I do not know if it is right to use here.
  3. Good News!!! I found a little ping in the same pot and it seems it's ok! Do they want dry or wet substrate?
  4. The plant doesn't exist anymore... there are 4.5 small leaves together but the core is brown and it's gone. No roots. I'm just trying not to loose this plant :'(
  5. But pumice has a high pH that would be dangerous for peat or not?
  6. Hi everyone, Last year I bought a ping red light at the italian CP meeting. Well, this winter the plant is ok, it doens't grow but in february it blooms. In march some leafs were rotting, so I decide to cut them. I put antifungal on it but nothing, the core became brown and now I removed the leafs to try some cuttings. Where should I put cuttings? Which type of substrate and light? Thank you
  7. FiloRp

    Red Light

    Ok thank you (also for the translation)! This is not my first year with carnivorous plant but I bought this ping just two weeks ago without info about it.
  8. FiloRp

    Red Light

    So what about keeping it with cephalotus and drosera regia? (potresti tradurmi l'ultima frase che non l'ho capita? Grazie XD)
  9. FiloRp

    Red Light

    Ok thank you, I asked it because in Araflora's website there is written that it is a northamerican pinguicula but the leaves shape wasn't like that. What if I keep it in a growroom with droseras?
  10. FiloRp

    Red Light

    Hi everyone, I bought two weeks ago a Ping Red Light from Gert (araflora) during the italian CP meeting. Now I'm keeping it with pitcher plants but it's becaming quite cold and I still do not know if it can stay outside during winter or if I should keep it "inside" with cephalotus and drosera regia. Thank you
  11. I don't know. I found it by chance...the owner said that the mother plant died last summer for the heat, but after he never answered. I think it is a rubra, or an alata red/orange lid x rubra black tube...
  12. How long have I have to wait to see growlist and the "market"?
  13. Si mi avevi gia risposto in CPItalia, così sono venuto in questo forum a chiedere più info!
  14. I can't watch it! What do I have to do?
  15. Where can I find the growlists?
  16. I've just bought some seeds of Sarracenia leucophylla Tarnok x Sarracenia Leucophylla Clone B A.A. The new plants that are growing can have the mutant flower? Maybe just some, not all. Thank you
  17. Hola Pietro, do you know if in this forum there is the rubra I'm looking for? Chissà perchè l'ho scritto in inglese...
  18. Thank you! That is why I can't find it... Are there in this forum "growlists"? I'd like to have my one
  19. Hi everybody! Some users of suggested me to register in this forum. Actually I'm looking for some sarracenia, and they said me that I can find some here.