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  1. in fact I've never understood why EB is cultivar
  2. well done Dimi it is right to know who sells plants false There are too many people incorrect
  3. maybe I'm colorblind but I do not see black in this plant
  4. Pulsar, from where do u know that my plant " Bananito" is a result from cross pollination with another plant ? If so, what plant do u mean? Are you referring that you also have the same plant like that?
  5. Dave do not understand why you so warm instead you have to write on the forum instead, contact Andy so many people can read so if the seller has nothing to hide where is the problem??? I also know that Allen has sold plants Also in Italy probably did not put the exact name to keep secret the area
  6. very beautiful plant, but the color is a classic for many Cephalotus
  7. For me you are jelous of the increases populatity of other growers and decreases to others
  8. it seems to me that there is a lot of jealousy. I have received plants from Dimi and I did not pay anything. The only grower who has made ​​this gesture
  9. Is there anywhere photo of the whole plant or at least of the adult pitchers of Cephalotus Clayton’s T Rex?
  10. I think Cephalotus must be devided into 3 gropus by the value: 1. Cephalotus with locations 2. These only with cultivar status 3. All others just typical
  11. I'm not very technical with words-clone cultivars I just wanted to tell the difference however I like Carl
  12. I am of the opinion that the cultivars should be the only wild plants with the name of the location clones only plants with mutations or diversity (found in other crops) and the rest of all the typical
  13. my HG comes from Colin Orpin, who took it from Wistuba
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