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  1. Hi, I took my pullings on the first of August. Now after about 3 Weeks the first leave started to root. I'm sorry for the bad quality, but I hope you can see the short root. The leaf is in a glass with deionised water and now all 5 leafs are still green. Regards Benedikt
  2. Pics of the development of my leafpullings of Cephalotus I took in deionised water.
  3. Hi Richard, I heard about some successfull rootings. Here is a link: http://www.fleischfressende.de/forum/haltung-und-kultur-f18/blattstecklinge-im-wasser-geht-das-t796-s15.html. If you read the post of "Gilgamesh" in the middle of the page, you will see that this way of propagating Dionaea is possible. After watching the video you posted I decided to try it on this way. So I pulled two leafs of my 'Akai Ryu', cut off the traps and pt the leafs and the traps in deionised water. I will tell you here, if I have success. Regars Benedikt
  4. My first Cephalotus cuttings took 6 months to produce new leafs. Today I put 5 leafs in a glass of demineralised water und hope it produce fast roots. I will tell you, if I have success. Regards Benedikt
  5. Great Plants. Thank you very much for sharing.
  6. I really enjoy the pictures of the Cephalotus with big heaps of sphagnum.
  7. Hi, wow I admire your Sarracenias. Great Coloration!
  8. Hi, your plants are looking really great. I like your fantastic Highland Grennhouse.
  9. Hi, I'm Benedikt from Germany, Bavaria. I like carnivourus Plants and I had cultivated them since 2 years. All started with a Venus Flytrap... I cultivate Dionaea, Sarracenia, Drosera, Nepenthes, Utricularia, Cephalotus, Darlingtonia,Pinguicala and Heliamphora. PS: Sorry, my English is not the best.
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