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  1. stunning work, really fantastic... stunning work, really fantastic...
  2. they need some special treatment before use it, like rinse or boiling?
  3. hi maiden. how many times it takes until produces first adult pitcher? thanks, tuco.
  4. what a great collection, very impressive....
  5. really beautiful plants, congratulations....
  6. the plant in the last picture is great...
  7. be my guest, dani. any information you want, including pictures, just ask i send to you....
  8. thanks for comments daniel. you are right, they are all d. viridis. at the beginning i was a little confused because their colors are so different in so close plants, but my brazilian forum friends help with id. the first 4 pics shows d. viridis in a 4 meters tall gorge along the road with no water running, except when there's rain, it seems that they are exposed to more sunlight too. the other 2 pics shows the plants about 50 meters far growing along a shallow stream in a much more humid place, but with less sunlight. the soil seems to be the same. i notice too that plants that grow in secon
  9. hi everybody.... yesterday i took a little travel near home in santa catarina state, southern brazil. who whant to take a look, please click below... http://www.plantascarnivorasbr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=15264 so long...
  10. fantastic plants. is visible how much care is dedicated to yuor plants....
  11. this sarracenia that appear in the picture IMG_20140426_182745115 is one of the most beautiful cp's i've ever seen...
  12. great plants and very nice pictures....