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  1. al regarla no se cae el sustrato ruben... D: habra q poner mas musgo para evitar eso! ^^'
  2. thanks to all! it has been a Loooong year with tons of bills to pay, with days with poor lunch and with the wallet to tied to make this dream! but I think that was worth the sacrifice... @[email protected] I Try to make this greenhouse with RECYCLING stuff(second hand) to make more "Green" the green... Lol ^^ and well If people think that Mexicans use big "Sombreros" You are Right! Cheers to all!
  3. - I started this project the last year... I almost finish it! I just need to make the tables and put the water pump to work the foggers... the dimensions are: the longest part: 6 x 4.5 mts and the little one : 4 x 3.8mts the floor is made with red mud... so it preserves cool and humid the place... I will try to make a place to preserve and cultivate most of mexican Pinguiculas in the shortest part... and in the other part wolud be for LW and intermediate plants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  4. it is recomend use reds and blues leds... people said that whites do not works well... true or false?
  5. N. Rafflesiana, hope you like it! DSC_0190 por chino_we, en Flickr
  6. Just want to say Hello! Best Regards from Mexico!
  7. where is the big Boss??