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  1. 3 4 Hi everyone, my name is Chris! I recently got into growing carnivores this spring, and after killing a few plants I think I have made some progress, here's just some of my collection. All my plants are grown together on a metal rack in my tiny apartment. They don't seem to mind all being roomates, excet the sundews eat ALL the food! Enjoy! Binata Dichotma Giant that's flowering Flower N. Raven pitcher N. Ventricosa x Boschiana, my very first CP, and it's still thriving! First adult Pitcher! It's huge! N. Griffen. What's with the redness? It has pimples also, being treated with neem but no go so far. Long RED Fingers! Pot o Dews! D. Capensis, D. Capensis 'Red Leaf', D. Spathulata, D. spathulata 'Frasier Island Form'. Lots of FLOWERS! I used to cut them off, but then I got outnumbered so I just let them go LOL. I think this is a N. Ventricosa 'Black Peristome' My first butterworts! Loving it! Got more in the mail. Such cool little plants P. Moranensis Cricket head hanging out of the mouth of a typical. Close-Up. Br00tal FTS Maroon Monster trap Not sure what this Nepenthes is, Got it a while back on the verge of death from a certain online store. Now throwing up HUGE Pitchers! N. Maxima heritage? N. Raven N. Raven pitcher. Almost all black, with some dark purples. http://i591.photobuc...1026_132253.jpg131 http://i591.photobuc...1026_132303.jpg132