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  1. What's the point of you two asking for advice and then when you get it you start questioning it or totally ignoring it and going off and doing your own thing. No wonder I stopped posting for a while.
  2. Those Darlingtonia are in direct sunlight. Do you see a problem with the Sphagnum?
  3. Leave them alone, the plant knows what it's doing.
  4. 131 is black on clear 231 is black on white There are many other colour combinations too. I have found 131 the better choice unless of course you are using black labels. The object of my previous post was to show you the price of the generic tape.
  5. I'll pass on that DT. I'll probably settle for doing something less painful like sawing my right leg off with a plastic spoon.
  6. No it isn't Yossu but it's hardly a topic to put in peat free cultivation if you're using peat. The correct advice was given in post #2 by ada, pity it wasn't followed
  7. You said you'd used a base of Irish moss. Irish moss is Sagina subulata which isn't a moss. If that's what you did you may just as well have put the Sphagnum on a bed of compost and as Sagina is a flowering weed the crop this year may not be entirely what you want.
  8. I use this
  9. I'm sure there are members who would appreciate some of that spare moss you have
  10. The GL200 is a decent printer. I got mine new with tapes for £9.99. It will run ok on batteries but it will cost you a fortune as a set will last for about 10 minutes of printing. Get yourself a mains lead. I'm assuming you already know which tapes to buy in future.
  11. Snails and slugs will use the moss trays as nurseries, they'll not eat it but the hatchlngs will have fun with the plant roots. The main problem, as has already been said on numerous occasions, is birds. If the trays are outside the Blackbirds will think it's just for their use in building nests.It takes no time at all for them to strip a tray. Three cats is about a twentieth of the amount you'd need to guard successfully. Oh and incidentally you have about twice as much moss in each tray as you need. Only the top will grow so spread it out.
  12. Oh no it isn't ( Sorry, the panto season gets to me every year)
  13. At 2ft that would be within about 4"of the one in Stephen's Photo. Look at the size of his daughter's hand..
  14. FredG

    Claytons T-Rex

    No, I only have room for worthwhile plants
  15. FredG

    Claytons T-Rex

    Fake? It's a properly registered cultivar name.
  16. FredG

    Claytons T-Rex

    There you go. Again it's a whole one.
  17. If you have the room keep them both. I had a Big Boy that "died" in 2011. Then, in 2013 it sprouted a tiny leaf and again the same in 2014. Last year it had about 6 leaves. Who knows in 2016 it may even develop a pitcher.
  18. Stop it. my cheeks are hurting
  19. Ask Dimitar, he published one on here not that long ago
  20. Ummmmmmm Whoooooooooooooooosh!