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  1. lol, i thought you found a rotundifolia culitvar
  2. Originals, but the dionaea seems sick...i wait the news pictures for to decide me
  3. oh i see, thank you for your answere i have too personal clone of belesiana , i name it "rotedia" i will post picture
  4. great pictures! have you other pictures of Drosera x eliosiana? i don't know it
  5. Still a which will make parties of the doubles of the ICPS, We do not belong any more to one near
  6. i agree , much plants are smilar: red shark trev's red dentate just one red dentate in more Seedling:
  7. I am really disappointed, we all left the forum where rages Lucien with causes of insults, swindles, lies, racism, misogynous and worse But now, this person is alone on his forum, he comes here and continuous the same thing... Now, here, subjects are blocked because of his unfriendly and irritating remarks. Now, here, him sending of messages prived of insults. Now, here, he steals photos to be able to offended and to slander on people. Now, here, he has problems of sales too small or died plants (people shall recognize). And the worst, he laughs about the situation on this forum, he laughts about we and about you. Please, at least, to call back to the order or made which he cannot disturb us any more. For the rest, you'll see his natural truth (certainly too late...)
  8. witouh speak "miss pimbeche" scam ! or incorrectly or not sent plants!