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  1. Ok i repot to dead sphangum i dont have a live. I put plastic bag and on windowsill got shade position. Now got temperature 26 c. I hope the Raff not die .:)
  2. Thanks for answer. Propably is over watering so root rot.What i can do in this situation ? I can save the plant?
  3. Hello. Well, I have a problem with N. Rafflesian's pot. Previously it was the same with N.reinwardtiana and he died. It appears that the leaves turn yellow> curl> brown. The cone of growth changed color and it was very windy, so I honored it. The rest of the cone changes color, the one in the middle looks ok but it probably starts to deteriorate. Watering every 2-3 days Conditions on the southern parapet, 19-25 C humidity 30-50%. Subsoil peat, perlite, sponge, dead moss. What could be the reason ? I exclude pests.I suspect over watering but i dont know.
  4. Thanks:) i think is sibuyanensis x talangensis . Now i am sure in 80 % is this hybryd:) Thanks again :)
  5. Thank you. I suspected that it could be anything from spathulata. Still I do not know if the red is Neoguineensis. Can any of you know what kind nepenthe?
  6. Two diffrent plants . Sorry for english. Red pither = Neoguineensis? Dark = Robcantleyi x campanulata?
  7. Ok.:) I got only moblie phone camera. n. Robcantleyi x campanulata N.neoguineensis
  8. Hello. Please help identify Nepenthes. I bought it as a N.neoguineensis. I suspect that this may be another nepenthe. I have another as n. Robcantleyi x campanulata but rather it was not him. Sorry for English but I use transalotor. :) n. Robcantleyi x campanulata N.neoguineensis