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  1. ok, thanks of your help. if return this problem i will change peat on pot and peat moss
  2. then the problem is fertilized of peat, that created phytotoxic problem. right?
  3. it is very difficult, i made six great sphagnum bog with base only perlite, for floats on water
  4. my neighbors have many fruit trees and before of great rain of this month have used a lot substances, my roof is high as the trees, can be when i collected first rain have a high concentration of this substances?
  5. baltischer weisstorf but I have repotting almost all plants with this peat. i use rain water that levy by eaves , can rain have fertiliser?
  6. when i transferred dionaea in another saucer with another peat or with live sphagnum but the disease continued. i not understand because hit only one saucer on six that i have change peat
  7. it is one month that one on two day rain, maybe the problem is greenhouse on polycarbonate? but last year i not had this problem
  8. I have a very serious problem with my dionaea, 10-15 plants are sick or dead: this "rot" attack in middle the leafs and go up at last kill the rhizome, the problem began when i changed peat, and i have transfered the plants in my greenhouse, after 5 days some plants of one saucer begin the problem, i changed peat and transfered outside, and now almost all the plants on this saucer are sick also if they are on live sfagnum or are dead. i not understand why, grew dionea in different types, but never saw this sick. i grow in 1-2cm of perlite,2-3cm of peat and perlite, 1-2cm of only peat. i did treatments for antifungal and anti rot but are useless. someone can help me?
  9. if is not interested at seeds of nepenthes cross, I can be interested John I love grow nepenthes hybrids by seeds I contacted alber because my pods was not arrived, he reply that is on mountain to find new seeds. I take always pods from Alipe but they are hybrid not pure species
  10. Chimico85


  11. thank you, unfortunately the plant begin to dry more leafs , I give water all days because there is not saucer, I will try to increase the humidity. I thought that plant was more easy but it is hard (maybe is the clone more delicate)
  12. thank you for reply, I use rainwater for all my collection (I live countryside) and I use a mix of acid peat 30% (pH 3-3,5), bark 40% and 30% perlite. so I wait some month because the plant will adapting, right? but is normal sometime the tip of apex dryes?
  13. hi, I have got a problem with my tentaculata, it's arrived two month ago, has done two bad leafs and has dried the tip of apex. the plant had two grows points one is rotted and I have cutted. I not understand why the plant doesn't grow. In my terrarium have: 80% of humidity 14 hours of light
  14. I tried to contact cz, but him not replies, someone know if him is away?
  15. thanks, I sent all the photo, unfortunately the plant was the last, I can doing a change if the seller will giving me opportunity. I done all is possible for rescue, but the rot had not to hit the plant if has bitertanol?
  16. in the end the plant is dying: black rot near the apex, I tried a treat it with propamocarb and dodina+bitertanol but today I can see no result
  17. the seller tell me that give me back my money if the plant dies, i hope to rescue but i think that it will die for secondary sick in this moment the plant is on live sphagnum, but they lost all the leafs
  18. the roots was in its peat when arrived and I haven't controlled, but all the plants that was with it are healthy. when I looked today, the plant is drying all the leafs
  19. I sent to czplants a email (I hope him reply), but I never see this sickness.......
  20. the day before yesterday I received this plant from cz, but the color of leafs is strange: I not understand if it is sick or another cause.
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