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  1. Can someone give more opinions...? Please...
  2. Nowadays there is an endless number of hybrid Sarracenias, after a dozen crossings starts getting hard to find the origins of a particular plant. I am newbie, I wonder if is possible the help from more experienced growers to identify these Sarracenias: Sarracenia 1 Sarracenia 2 Sarracenia 3 I hope you can help me,and sorry for the not very good english...
  3. Hello ... My name is Sérgio and I'm from Portugal, I grow carnivorous plants about a year and a half, now have some Sarracenias, Droseras, Nepenthes ... and also have a Darlingtonia and Cephalotus. I like all genres of carnivorous plants and is difficult to me choosing that i prefer, so I want to extend my collection and my knowledge i hope here can find the answers to my questions...