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  1. Hello,

    I'm interested on one packet of the following seeds :

    S. leucophylla ‘Cronus’ /“Titan” L47MK x S. leucophylla, red stripe throat SL61    4,5 EU

    S. x “Black Knight” x S. x “Black Widow” SX113       4 EU

    S. leucophylla var. alba Very white tops, with some green veines SL8 x S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 1A     5 EU

    S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 5A x “Wilkerson’s Red” OP - SX101        6 EU

    Could you tell me the price shipping include for France ?

    And your paypal address ...

    Best regards.




  2. DC Carnivores on FB

    1. bilou68



      I'm interested on one packet of the following seeds :

      - s leucophylla cronus/titan L47MK X S. Leucophylla red stripe throat SL61

      - S X Black Knight X S. Black Widow SX113

      - S. Leucophylla var alba very white tops SL8 X S . Leucophylla Hurricane Creeks White clone 1A

      - S Leucophylla Hurricane Creek white clone 5A X Wilkerson's red OP SX101

      Best regards. 

  3. I've always had problems with sundews about the quantity/quality of the light in my terrariums, I tried different setups but have never been as good as with sunlight, in addition each plant has its own exposition requirements which makes it very difficult to manage..
  4. Nice to hear! Same here, during this winter my tropicals plants have enjoined well, but using leds the low heating was a problem to solve, hope this year..
  5. Hello, In Italy me and some other growers of Heliamphora we had the same problem, rotting disease at the center of the plant, but also fungal attacks that sooner or later they come out in years and put in serious difficulty the plants ... We have concluded that an organic media in our conditions (very humid summers and winters) attract too pathogens that the plant can not fight; for a year me and the other people are experiencing a completely inert substrate made from pure quartz sand, and the results were unexpectedly positive. Plants grow without problems even in torrid summers, no fungi or other disease, obviously the method of cultivation change, need a lot of water (I keep them always with tray water) and fertilizer aid (Maxsea). For nepenthes instead, i can't help you, it feels really weird, I've never had any problems with them. I hope I could help, if you're interested I can leave you the email with the pictures of the plants recovered in pure sand Cheers -Dan
  6. Very interesting, keep me updated on your future results!
  7. Now i see the pics, very good results!!
  8. Thank you all for posting your experiences regarding Leds, in my opinion are the best value for money in the long run, because a lot of people are afraid of change to led, and this involves that do not have many reliable/better results,or simply the results are not known. In the end, having no time to design a system from scratch (also because I'm not able!) I opted for two LED for aquariums lighting : • Easy Universal LED Aquatlantis Freshwater (28w). • Sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise (16w) One is full spectrum and the other has a lot of red (though, thankfully, the light is light pink). During the winter I will post photos of the results, thank you all for now!