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  1. For those who couldn't attend, here's a shot we took. All the best, Steve & Eira
  2. Many thanks Mike! Hope that you have a successful day. All the best, Steve & Eira
  3. Hi Mike - any chance of Eira and I coming 'early doors' as we'll be running the pub from noon onward. All the best, Steve
  4. I doubt it'll go off - it's already been in the peat bog awhile! On a different note - I was talking to some Irish lads in the pub and they were amazed how difficult this stuff was to find in the UK. They said that the Irish are using this for fueling their power stations! Some much for the tree-huggers mentality? All the best, Steve
  5. Well - I've had some cider - but if you drill a hole on the side won't it all empty out? You need the airlock to control the flow? Steve
  6. Hi folks, Moss peat is getting harder to find, so just a 'heads up' that I purchased several bales of Shamrock Irish Moss peat today from Beechcroft Nursery near Stourbridge in the West Midlands. It claims to be 20 mins out of Birmingham - but I came across from Shropshire. It was £8.79 / 125l bale. They seemed to have plenty of stock, but it'd be worth ringing ahead if you're making the trip. http://www.beechcroft.com/ All the best, Steve
  7. Just pre-ordered mine on Amazon - it's saying release on the 20th August, but if you opt for the free P&P it's more like the end of the month. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1607744104/ref=dra_a_sm_mr_hn_it_P1200_1000?tag=dradis-21
  8. Trappist

    My Drosera

    Fantastic plants and photos - particularly liked the small red one (third piccy down) Steve
  9. HI Mike - hope that everyone had a good day today - sorry it was only a flying visit, we were back for 11.30 and open at noon! Top display, as always. Thanks for your hospitality and the new acquisitions. All the best, Steve (& Eira)
  10. Trappist

    Asda Drosera

    Hi Fred - nope I paid £8.00 for it. Now I know you'll probably say it's dead common and should be cheap as chips - but I'm used to buying stuff over the internet - paying around £4 P&P for some small specimen to be trapped in the dark for a couple of days, so I didn't think it was too bad to pay that for the full potted plant. Having said that - it was an impulse purchase - I was just surprised to see it! The VFTs were four plants in a pot that could be split down and the Sarracenia looked like a Purpurea cross - first time I've seen CPs for sale in a mainstream supermarket like ASDA (although they do have some in Dobbies garden center, which I think is owned by Tesco). Steve
  11. Trappist

    Asda Drosera

    Couldn't resist buying this from Asda (Shrewsbury) yesterday - made a nice change to the usual weekly provisions. They had Sarracenia and VFTs too. Can anyone ID this - no doubt it's something cheap and cheerful. Nice to see a supermarket offering CPs - hope that it builds interest and they all find good homes! Steve
  12. Hi Mike, What are your times? I see from your website it starts at noon - which is, unfortunately when I'm running the pub - do you go on all afternoon? All the best, Steve (& EIra)
  13. Thanks for the advice guys - will tackle the worst and see how it goes. Steve
  14. Probably been asked before but .... CPs back in spring mode, in water troughs, greenhouse daytime temp in the 20s ... but a lot of them look pretty shyte. Sarracenias with brown tops and VFTs with black leaves. How hard should I prune them back? If I just cut off the dead heads I'll be left with ugly stems / leaves. Can I cut back to the base, or would that be too harsh? All the best, Steve
  15. Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum. Have just finished work - pub is now closed - if anyone has a witty repose to the question 'are you open tonight?', please PM it! Steve
  16. Hi - I have a similar unit rated at 100g US that I bought from collinswaterproducts on ebay in the UK. The main difference between mine and yours is the fourth stage is a DI resin filter ~ I'm not sure what the benefit would be from having a second carbon filter. I bought this unit because I keep marine fish - doubt whether I'd have bought it just for CPs - would probably have just used rain water. Having said that my my unit works fine, with the product water reading zero on my TDS meter. One word of caution from previous experience of RO units - the production rate is sometimes quite variable, depending on things like water pressure and temperature, so I always buy one capable of twice the capacity that I need. Hope this helps. Steve
  17. Thanks for the responses, guys. Having read a little more about the natural habitat I understand that the winter temp is around +5C (although I don't know the day to night variation), I think I'll try it in an unheated room. This'll keep the frost off whilst avoiding the day / night temperature swings in the centrally heated rooms. I don't mind it going dormant as long as it comes back next spring. Fingers crossed! Steve
  18. Hi - I have a small, fragile looking Drosera Regia - about 2" growth. My initial understanding is that Drosera don't require dormancy (here in the UK), but reading the ICPS webpage on this plant it says 'treat as Sarracenia'? Do I put it in the unheated greenhouse (with the Sarracenia) or leave in the house over winter? Any input welcome! Steve
  19. Many thanks for the hospitality and the new acquisitions ~ sorry that we had to rush away. Hope that the rest of the day went well for you. All the best, Steve & Eira
  20. Hi Mike, Hope to attend for about an hour in the morning as I am working at lunchtime. I'm the guy who you chose the VFT for in Homebase and then I called in with Eira. Here's the VFT after two months growth - repotted once :~ http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=5881 (sorry it's a link - haven't mastered the embedded photo thing yet!) All the best, Steve
  21. Trappist

    Trappist's Photos

    Uploads of my CP photos, from Sunny Shropshire, UK.
  22. From the album: Trappist's Photos

    My Homebase £3.99 VFT - bought early August, photoed early October 2012, repotted once.
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