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  1. I am not very experienced, but I do not reuse potting soil from plant I bought in garden centres, ebay, and other not reputable sources. Who knows what lives in that soil. I repot them right after purchase, after rinsing plant in water, since my plants sits next to each other and I do not want any pest to spread. Having said so, I feel perfectly comfortable with reusing soil I planted a plant in myself.
  2. Hi everybody, I am growing CP for a year now, have Sarracenias, VFTs, Sundews, one butterwort and yesterday I have picked up Nepenthes from local garden centre. I grow them on windowsill in my flat, except for wintertime, water them with deionised water, once a month feed them with crickets ( I do not have too many bugs in my flat) and they seem to like it. I will have few questions about them but first I just wanted to say hello.
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