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  1. I'm still waiting.... Andy was on line here the 21 of May 2013 and didn't replace to any mails... I have to wait again?
  2. he had usually taken a couple of days for answer, but if you say that: it's ok! Sorry all for my apprehension. i'll chill
  3. So is he out of the country since two months? I'm sorry i can't know that... is on his fb page write when he'll come back?
  4. Thank you so much! i'll wait again. And, like i have been mentioned, i'm not waiting from a couple of days but from a couple of months, so i asked... I hope all will be ok. Thank you guys.
  5. His page is public? if not, are there some news from him? He also has an email... but i'm obliged to write here and it's not easy or funny for me this situation... I don't want flamming spamming or anything like that. I think (i hope) it's only a misunderstanding or some troubles and this forum is the only way i think i have to know something about my "problem". I'm not a kid that want the attention of all. I only hope to find someone that can help me.
  6. I hope you are right! i'm waiting for a very long time (months) but i'll wait for a while more. But if you speek with him, please, tell him to check the mail when (or if) it's possible. Regards
  7. I'm looking for this user: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showuser=1953 off-line since Dec 26 2012 13:29 PM. I'm writing here because, if i can't contact him, i have to write a feedback and, truly, i don't want because he is a very good grower and a very good person. If someone knows him, please, contact me for any news about Andy or send me his telephone number in pm... Thank you all
  8. Hi all guys! I'm from Milano (Italia) and i hope to learn a lot of things here with you! I follow you since a little while but i never registered myself and now... here i am! Bye! Loth