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    It was just a small division last year. Hoping for some bigger pitchers this year.
  2. Excellent. Even up there in Lancashire. Hopefully it means that we we have a nice long season. Coincententally I think I have just bought a S. Leucophylla from you, from a well known auction site. Just missed out on the alata (ignore if it is not you )
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    Thanks Alexis, I have a S. 'Goldie' X leucophylla that is pubescent. Rather nice too!
  4. It comes as no surprise with the mild winter we have had in south east England. But I already have spikes pushing up! Is anyone else's season starting already?
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for some where buy Ceropegia cuttings that are not C. Woodii. I've bought some from Paul Shirely in the Nederlands but the postage is prohibitive. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK?
  6. Hi all, I have always repotted or potted on sarracenia in the spring when I see new growth starting. However, could I or should I repot now in January? Is there any benefit or disadvantage to doing it now? Many thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Where abouts are you? It sounds like your D. admirabilis is a gonna. If your in the UK your mexican pinguicula will struggle I feel.
  8. Great shots JP. What are tour growi h conditions? I'm doing ok with the tuberous drosera in an unheated greenhouse in the south of England. Although it does take some a while to get going and don't poke their noses out until after Christmas!
  9. Hi all, I have a modest collection of tuberous Drosera and I have been keeping tabs on when they emerge over the last couple of years. They are in an unheated greenhouse. But come into the house for the night if they is going to be a hard frost or anything under -1C. Does anyone else have any data of when theirs emerge? D. modesta is reliably early. Below are my observations. I have some new plants this year so have no date ranges. I'm in the south if England. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. D. modesta 9-19th Oct D. squamosa 10-17th Nov D. magna first week in Dec D. a
  10. Hi all, I'm keen to start making up potting media that is as close to the natural habitat as possible. Especially for my pygmy sundew collection. I have been looking but unable to find any kind of lateritic gravel. Does anyone have any ideas were I may get some. I know it is a bit specialist. But there must be somewhere. Many thanks in advance, Platty
  11. Hi all, I have some Stylidium seeds of various species and I'm struggling get any germination at all. I have been using smoke paper to stimulate germination after advice from Andy at Triffid nurseries. But nothing, after months and months of waiting patiently. After 24hrs soaking there was no purple stain. Should I have left them in the smoke water until I did? I have some GA3 to try next. Does anyone have any helpful tips? Many thanks, Platty
  12. Thanks Ada. Much appreciated. I didn't want them dying after I got them through the 2 heat waves we have had this summer. They seem quite tolerant of the higher temps. Which seems to go against what I have read about them.
  13. Hi all, I have a nice batch of Darlingtonia seedlings that germinated this spring. Will they be ok in my unheated greenhouse in the south of England over the winter?
  14. I agree. D. filiformis. Smaller than tracyi should be. Plus anthocynanin in the tentacles.
  15. @Richard Bunn No problem. Darwin it is. I'll make a start. No idea how long it will take. Having 10 month old is taking up a bit of my time :) Shall I send it to you once it's finished Richard?
  16. Hi all, The CPS are keen to have people from the society write an article for the magazine. I'd like to give it a go, but I'm interested in want sort of articles people might like? For example: An account of getting in to growing CPs A scientific article, such as enzyme production in Drosera, production of anthocyanins in Sarracenia etc How did Darwin prove that plants were carnivorous? Proparation of certain CPs Trials and tribulations. Or another aspect of growing CPs Anyway your thoughts and ideas are welcome. Platty
  17. Hi everyone, This my first season with a few aroids. Some successes and some failures. I'd like to see your aroids to! Amophophallus konjac Amophophallus albus Amophophallus nepalensis Pinellia Arisaema flava Arisaema propinquum Arisaema ? (It's on the tag) Sauromatum venosum Thanks for looking
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll have to track down some pubescent rubra and a venosa or two.
  19. Thanks for your replies. It must be a bumper year for flies. I've not seen anything like it. Some of my pitchers haven't had time to colour up before becoming full. Let's hope it converts into growth next year.
  20. Thanks Jonathan. They are coming along. They have done very well with catching flies this year so with a good spring I'm hoping for a fair amount of growth.
  21. Just a few collages of my ever increasing collection. Hope you enjoy them.
  22. Hi all, I have quite a few of my Sarracenias developing brown patches half way up, to near the top of the pitchers. They then seem to rot through exposing their victims inside. Looking inside the pitchers a lot of them seem to be doing very well in catching their prey (basically to the top of the pitcher) Can they be being too effective and the flies inside petrifying before being digestive and therefore causing the damage? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  23. Platty


    Hi everyone, I'm aware of and have pubescent forms of S. alata and S. leucophylla. Are there pubescent forms of other species? Thanks
  24. All done. I had many more than I thought. Now to look forward to some mature pitchers.