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  1. This tuberous sundew has come up in my pot of Utricularia blanchetti this summer. Still growing even though it is July, while my other tuberous sundews have gone in to dormancy. Can anyone give me an ID. Is it D. modesta?


    Many thanks.

  2. Thanks Ada.

    I just thought it would be interesting. The plants were under lights for the first year and have just had their first dormancy. I also need to make some room for the next batch coming through. The pitchers they are producing are about 15/20 cm tall, so not bad.

  3. Is there any way of making a poll on the forum? Selfishly asking as later on in the year I'm going to select some 2 yr old Sarracenia seedlings. I thought a forum poll might be interesting /helpful.

    Many thanks

  4. Many thanks Alexis. So annoying about the pitcher. It is a nice strong growth too! The plant is sending up some more pitchers. But I don't think they will be as big. Nevermind.

    I hadn't noticed the slightly different shape of leuco buds before. I'll look at my species now they are coming up.

  5. Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask you for your opinions on the following photos.

    The first one I assume is a mite or parasite of some description that has caused the deformation. Should I cut the pitcher off?

    And secondly the second a third photos of S. Leucophylla X Goldie and its pointy flower buds. Has anyone seen this before? All my other sarracenia flower buds are rounded. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

    Many thanks,







  6. My attempt at a botanic biotope. Using Allen Lowrie's Magnus opus I have tried to make a few of my pygmy drosera pots look like the habitat the plants come from. With a lack of laterite I used pink/ orange granite chips and cones to represent small Banksii seed pods.


    D. gibsonii


    D. nitidula


    D. stelliflora

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  7. Thanks Andrzej,

    Very interesting. It is quite a range like mine. -5 s much lower than I imagined they could take. I'm still learning and made a mistake this year by not waiting until they emerged before placing them in trays of water. So I have lost a few species. 

  8. I only got the plants as root cuttings last summer. They are not mature enough to flower at the moment, I would have thought. They grow naturally along side Cephalotus, so I treat then the same but in shallower pots. I over wintered them at work this year under 2 T5s. But this year I'll keep them in the greenhouse and bring them in to the house if we get below 0 temps over night. 

    Here is a link you might find useful.