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    Sarracenia and music! :D
  1. This is a fantastic Idea Looks well one S. alata, Black tube, stocky, pubescent De Soto National Forest Clone 3, with S. flava var. flava, 120cm+ Or one S. x 'Adrian Slack', MK H113 with any atropurpurea Have a nice weekend
  2. Really nice bogs :) Good grow!
  3. Bienvenido! Óscar, espero que te lo pases muy bien por aquí
  4. I love the "diferent plant" jajaj Its realy beauty!
  5. Me gusta esta foto =)
  6. Any one use soil fertilization with seedlingS? Its a enjoying issue
  7. Hi, now im in france but in mediterranian cost, really near to the beach (200meters) I dont use greenhouse, is for it that the new outbreaks were burned ! Regards
  8. I have many sarras with flower buds! And other with new outbreaks ut the winter burned it ( ) One flava is nearly to open the flower, im very happy!!! for it =) Regards
  9. This is other form to make cuttings. I hope you like it :)
  10. Welcome Damiano, more people more diversion