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  1. Thank you Blocky. This time I think ill be getting a greenhouse with reinforced glass as this is the second time my greenhouse has been damaged this year. The first time was when my Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) decided to jump through all the panels, thank god she wasn't hurt. Thanks for your reply Blocky
  2. Thank you for you replies also Blocky. The cold snap which we just had recently did help as the growth has somewhat slowed down and some plants are showing signs of dormancy. However the terrible wind which we had in Birmingham yesterday led to the destruction of my greenhouse, so therefore I have had to bring all my plants indoors. I don't think they will remain dormant for much longer. I see what you mean by your Sarracenia still being in full growth, I can't believe its producing a flower spike at this time of the year. I did have some Vft's producing flower spikes but I cut them off as
  3. Hi I've not had my Pinguicula x Tina long, maybe a couple of months now, however within a week of me owning the plants I noticed that they began producing small succulent leaves. I have kept them more or less bone dry since then. Im not sure if it was the shock of transportation which triggered them going into dormancy as I have read they tend to go into dormancy when they want. I keep the plants on my bedroom window sill, which is bright but receives no direct sun light. Hope this helps. Best wishes
  4. Thanks for the replies Ada and Mantrid. I suppose im alittle extra worried due to this being my first time overwintering Cps. Mantrid as you mentioned I have been leaving the door and windows open to the greenhouse as much as possible. I suppose your both right and I should let nature just take its course. Thank you for your help and time guys.
  5. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice. I have some Vft's which have still not gone into dormancy. My G16 clone is just beggining to produce a flower stem. I have a fused tooth which seems to be growing very actively, producing loads of new traps. I have various other clones which have slowed down growth somewhat but are still producing new traps. They are all growing outside in an unheated greenhouse. I stopped watering in mid October and the substrate is just damp. The other plants which I have in my greenhouse seem to be dormant, like my droseras and sarras. I li
  6. naz

    Ceph Disaster

    Thanks for your reply Marcus. The plant of mine is only a young cutting, which I bought from a forum member. I'd guess its around 6months old or roughly there about. I really do hope it pulls through as I've only had it for around 3 weeks and im totally hooked on it.
  7. naz

    Ceph Disaster

    Thank you everyone for your replies. Sorry to hear about your plant Dode. Does anyone know how long after a plant has been dropped will it show signs of ill health if it was to? So far the the plant of mine which was dropped by my niece seems to be doing okay. Thanks
  8. naz

    Ceph Disaster

    Thanks for your replies Mark and Stephen. I hope it does make it through, your words have reassured me. Ill keep my fingers crossed and ill definitely makesure my neice doesn't get near them again
  9. naz

    Ceph Disaster

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me any information regarding my query. I've come home today to find my niece has dropped one of my young cuttings. I have repotted it but am very worried if it will survive or not. Has anyone had any similar experiences and could you please tell me if the plant survived or not? Many thanks for your help.
  10. Brilliant, thankyou for letting me know gardenofeden. I have pm'd you. Thanks
  11. Thanks John I never thought about checking at local aquatic stores, sounds like a very good idea. Thank you for that.
  12. Thanks John I never thought about checking at local aquatic stores, sounds like a very good idea. Thank you for that.
  13. Hi Mike, thank you. Really looking forward to seeing you soon and getting some more plants. Your collection is amazing.
  14. Hi Steve thanks for the welcome. Its nice to hear someone near me grows carnivorous plants. May i ask what types do you grow.
  15. Hi thanks for sharing some information with me guys. I think im going to give u.gibba a try and the one which mobile has mentioned. I've just got to try sourcing some now. Does anyone know where i might be able to purchase some from, as i have never seen any type of utricularia for sale at the garden centres which i frequent. Thanks alot to everyone who helped with giving me information, its much appreciated.