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  1. Thank you! What's the best medium to grow them in?
  2. Hi everyone, I've recently been given some Nepenthes seeds from a friend and I'm new to them, so I really don't have any idea on how to grow them. I do know they prefer high humidity and warm temperatures so would a closed propagator with temperatures above 30C be okay for them? What kind of compost is best? Also. I know some people use fungicides on carnivorous plant seeds, is there any recommendations of what type to use is best? I'd prefer one that was safe for all types of carnivores since I have quite the seed/seedling collection. Sorry for the ridiculous amounts of questions!! Thanks in advance :)
  3. Hi Treefella! I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have, even though I'm more of a lurker than a poster. I have a cold frame in preparation for the winter, too. You're definitely not alone up North, I'm from South Shields =)!
  4. Oh wow, nice to know there's someone close that share's the same interest!
  5. Hi Carnivine, thanks for the welcome! By your name I assume you are a fellow pokemon fan? I would love to visit there one day, it'll take a bit of saving up since it's on the opposite end of the country, but one day I hope to go! Hi Paolo, thank you!
  6. Wow, that sounds complicated! Oh right, it's a shame that someone's friendliness can be mistaken as 'creepy' behaviour.
  7. That's bizarre! Do they work in different sections of the department? Why does she think you're a geek?!
  8. Haha, we just went on appearance when there was the two of us with similar names, I am tall and red headed, and Kayla is shorter with brunette hair. Luckily we looked completely different so we had nicknames based on that instead to make things easy.
  9. Thanks, 3Star. Yeah I've been reading more than posting, but there's some great information available on here and I like the fact that there's plenty of opportunities to expand my collection.
  10. Kyla

    What a winner!

    Wow, those plants are gorgeous. Well done!
  11. I just graduated University. Now I'm just looking for a job.
  12. Okay, probably a bit late for this thread now. But I'm new so thought I'd show my face. This is me, I have shorter hair now but I hardly have any photos of me by myself so this one will have to do!
  13. Thank you Marcia. Jimscott, I bet that gets confusing! There was a girl in my class at school years ago named Kayla, and with just the two of us it was bad enough.
  14. Rodrigo: Thank you, I love them! Jimscott: Thanks, yeah it's kind of unusual.