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  1. thanks for the replies - although there are a disturbingly large number of blackened traps and leaves, I can see new traps forming in the centres of many of the vfts so hopefully they will eventually recover.
  2. Hello The very hot UK weather has played havoc with my CPs. I went on holiday for a week, and I thought the trays would be sufficiently topped up with water to last while I was away - previous years have been fine. But I guess the hot weather this year meant that they got through the water quicker than usual. Result: I got home and everything was pretty dry. many Dionaea had started turning black, many Sarracenia had also wilted. To make matters worse, I was also out of rain water. All I could do was give them tap water - I thought that would be better than nothing. I am in London so I am aware that the water is very hard (but I also remember growing CPs on my windowsill as a child and that's all I ever gave them, and they didn't do too badly). Anyway, hopefully some rain in the next few days, plus buying some distilled water if I have to, will solve the watering issue. My question is all these plants look pretty unhealthy now - what is the prognosis for them in the long term. Assuming I can get them the right water, will they recover? And will they recover this year, or is it a write-off for this summer but hopefully they will grow back well next year? Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi. Is it advisable to put a nepenthes sanguinea in an unheated greenhouse, all year around (possibly bringing it indoors during the worst of the winter)? It appears that many people have success growing them indoors on a windowsill. This is not necessarily an option for me - CPs not being popular with my other half! The greenhouse gets up to 40C and above on the hottest summer days. The second tier of my two-tier benches is possibly shadier and cooler. What do you think? Can it survive in these conditions?
  4. in the past, when i have repotted vfts, i have found that the whole plant often goes black and dies back. new traps eventually start to grow, so it's not like the plant is destroyed, just its growth set back. does this happen for anybody else? am i repotting them wrongly? i try and do it pretty carefully, trying not to disturb too much of the roots, etc.
  5. Hi there ... i have a somewhat related question for the forum, as I have two VFTs from Homebase that I bought last year. They look identical to those B&Q ones and I presumed they were not in good soil, but I left them and they have survived the winter and are flourishing. Last week I finally got around to repotting. The plant had divided, and I was able to separate and pot up a few smaller plants. I have since noticed that all the traps on the mother plant and divisions are starting to wilt and go black. Is this normal when repotting/dividing? Is it just the stress of the 'move' and will they grow back okay?
  6. Maybe people here can advise me, as I've seen no signs of life from any of the seeds that I sowed back in Feb. I can't remember the exact mix I used, think it was 50% moorland gold and 50% perlite/sharp sand. they've were kept damp and i think they were in enough sun. a few weeks ago i moved them out of the greenhouse and left them outside uncovered. this was because there were signs of one or two tiny shoots (but they may have been weeds?!?) but they kind of got frazzled and scorched in the greenhouse (those few days of sun that we had!) so i thought they might be safer outside. am i being impatient? should i just wait longer? should i move them back in the greenhouse where it is warmer? i've got drosera, dionaea and sarracenia seeds, and no sign of life among any of them. i can still see a lot of the seeds on the surface of the soil, others i can't really distinguish anymore. thanks for any thoughts!
  7. I sowed a variety of seeds in Feb in an unheated greenhouse. This is my first time trying to grow from seed. They were sprinkled over the top of damp compost. From what I can gather on here, once the temperature starts to rise, they should start to grow? I'm a bit worried though that a greenish tint is starting to appear over some of the compost, like some sort of mould. Any tips or advice as to what I should do? Leave them as they are? Bring them into the house? Anything I can do to stop this green discoloration?
  8. ok ... have hopefully made them better now?!? learning new things every day.... some of these plants looked like they were getting pretty fried in the sun,
  9. Out on my lunch break today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the British Museum has a collection of sarracenia growing out front as part of its North American garden. First ever attempt to post photos in a forum ... not sure if it will work but here goes. picture002dbk by edstar500, on Flickr picture001vb by edstar500, on Flickr picture003ax by edstar500, on Flickr
  10. what would happen if i started planting capensis seeds now (greenhouse or window sill)? i feel impatient to wait. would anything grow? or would the seedlings not make it through the winter?
  11. Aww terrible cats!! Does anything work in discouraging them though? I have heard mixed things about those anti-cat devices that are meant to emit a sound only cats can hear. Are they worth it? I used to put lemon skins in the garden ... that didn't seem to work. I've also seen them walking happily all over those strips of spikes that you put along tops of fences. Any good ideas from anyone else?
  12. Hello. Relative newbie ... as a teenager I had a windowsill full of cp's bought from the local garden centre (vft's, drosera, and sarracenia) ... having just erected a greenhouse in my garden i am thinking of revisiting my childhood hobby love browsing the forum and checking out other people's pictures of their collections. right now i have one vft. with the summer drawing to an end, is now a good time of year to think about expanding or would it make more sense to wait until the spring? ed.