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  1. Spectacular, this is the best adjective to describe these images. Best regards, Rodrigo
  2. Wonderful images, thank you for sharing them with us. Best regards, Rodrigo
  3. If it is beautiful the way that, I'm just wondering when that vessel is full bloom . Will stay the same for a bouquet of flowers . Best regards, Rodrigo
  4. Beautiful plants, nature really never stops surprising us with specimens of carnivorous flora to produce flowers and vivid colors. Best regards, Rodrigo
  5. Wonderful pictures, congratulations. Best regards, Rodrigo
  6. Nothing short of spectacular. Best regards, Rodrigo
  7. After seeing these beautiful images i conclude that I still have a lot to improve the macro shots, at least i have someone to inspire me. Best regards, Rodrigo
  8. Rodrigo

    Drosera adelae

    Beautiful bloom of D. adeale, congratulations. This plant is spectacular, it is only a pity that it is difficult, perhaps impossible to obtain seeds of this CP. Best regards, Rodrigo
  9. Follows an update: P. 'Aphrodite' - Clones As you can see the development is slow, but in return the plant was divided into two and both seem to have great health so that only proves that this substrate is effective in cultivating this genus of CP . P. 'Aphrodite' - larger photo In this photo we can see the appetite of these plants with some prey captured. Incidentally, all my Pinguicula these there appear to suffer "eternal hunger" because they live full of mosquitoes trapped in their leaves . Best regards, Rodrigo
  10. Bees (genus Melipona) did the job for me, Aymeric. Note: I made a mistake while counting the seeds in capsule abir yesterday had 50 seeds and not 20 as aforesaid . Best regards, Rodrigo
  11. Aymeric - Your information seems to be true, it removed a rod (the three that the plant produced) and it contained only 20 seeds. Even so i hope some of them are fertile, but this only time will tell... Richard - I think not friend, it makes 2/3 weeks to flower from one of the stems fell. Best regards, Rodrigo
  12. There is nothing like the spring (southern hemisphere of course) because that is when the plants develop fully and begin to prepare for flowering. The proof is in the pictures of my P. primuliflora to make available to all members of the community can appreciate: Photo 1 - The plant in question As you can notice this CP is well developed and several flower stalks. Aside from that, it also has generated many clones on the tip of its leaves. Photo 2 - Clones of P. primuliflora This here were created 4 months ago and apparently adapted well to the new vessel. Photo 3 - Flower I thin
  13. I present to friends in this forum, some photos of my Drosera pygmaea: D. sp. 'Lake Badgerup' D. closterostigma D. x [occidentalis x pulchella] D. pulchella 'Salmon Flower' D. Carbarup D. x [nitidula x pulchella] D. scorpioides Best regards, Rodrigo
  14. Friends, here I am again with more of a novelty: The Cactus located below the photo, is a Mammillaria sphaerica. The right is a Crassula ovata 'Gollum'. The above suspect being a Espostoopsis dybowskii, but would like the opinion of you about this. Now the left is a complete mystery, so be grateful to anyone identify it for me. Best regards, Rodrigo
  15. Near you Ruben, i'm an amateur. One day, i will take beautiful pictures as equal to those who posted topic nest. Congratulations and success in their cultivation. Best regards, Rodrigo
  16. Rodrigo

    D. indica

    Bad news friends (of course this depends on your point of view), the second flowering stem of my Drosera indica that producing flowers with five petals. I'd only thought in my cultivation an unusual form of this plant, but it seems it was just a mutation in the first flowers . Best regrads, Rodrigo
  17. Hello friends CPUK, come share with you some pictures of one of the many hybrids of P. moctezumae i have in my cultivation: Photo 1 - P. moctezumae x 'Weser' still in its winter rosette Photo 2 - Flower Best regards, Rodrigo
  18. SilentGuy, in the topic Small question you will find the answer to your question. Best regards, Rodrigo
  19. Rodrigo

    D. indica

    Dieter, i was amazed with the photos of your plants. Now, this detail of these plants are distinct species and something that deserves to be investigated with care, for surely will revert into something positive for the hobby. Note: The seed that spawned my plant came from a friend and although he has not told me what their provenance I suspect it is the name competo D. indica 'Pale Pink Flower', which admit not much help in identifying the correct location of it, but that's all I have available at the moment. Best regards, Rodrigo
  20. I suppose being a Notocactus (Parodia) sp., but prudence tells me to wait for the opinion of other community members before taking the matter closed. Best regards, Rodrigo
  21. Rodrigo

    D. indica

    SilentGuy, my D. indica is about a year and is preparing to say goodbye to me. I planted it in the spring of last year and as soon reap the seeds it will start a new cultivation. Note: Notice that the flower of my plant is very different from D. indica that appear in the topic A field trip to the Kimberley region Talking to a friend he told me that there is a hypothesis (i told hypothesis) these plants are distinct species. Hey, someone has someone has something to talk about it? Best regards, Rodrigo
  22. Friends, after almost two months after the accident that killed my droso, here is the same as: Photo 1 - Drosophyllum lusitanicum Apparently even this languishing, but deem one repaired in the center of the plant which will see something developing there. But, i can not see anything? Calm down people, below is a zoomed photo: Photo 2 - Close of Plant As you can see the plant despised the damaged part and generated a lateral bud that is preparing to develop their traps . I knew my droso would not leave me and honestly predict that it still bring me many joys . Best regards, Rodrigo
  23. Rodrigo

    D. indica

    Hello friends of CPUK, come share with you a picture of one flower of my Australian Drosera: D. indica Best regards, Rodrigo
  24. Flytyer and Gary, thank you for the comments. The strange thing is that the manipulated O. microdasys without any protection and nothing happened to me. Anyway thanks for the warning and try to be more cautious when you have to replant it. Best regards, Rodrigo