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  1. Stephen, I believe that this plant this is not a Selenicereus. This plant is in the form cristata according to this photo i bought grafted on a Pitaya: I hope the above image can be used in the correct identification of Cacti/Succulent. Best regards, Rodrigo
  2. Hello friends, when visiting a Garden Center in the city where i live to buy some Cacti and Succulents, i came across the following plant: And then, they would tell me which ID it? Best regards, Rodrigo
  3. Jim, thank you for posting pictures of your leaf cuttings of P. moctezumae. Based on these images, i deduce that the substrate has to be very moist and the site should have excellent lighting. And this, or am i mistaken? Aymeric, if possible post pictures of their clones of P. gypsicola. Best regards, Rodrigo
  4. I will be brief in my question, is there any trick in to clone P. moctezumae by leaf cutting? I ask this because, i have friends that have this CP and are not able to get seedlings using this technique. Best regards, Rodrigo
  5. Follows another update of this topic: On the left we have a Mammillaria matudae and the right one Mammillaria elongata. In the background a bit blurry, we see a cactus yet identified. Here is a close-up picture of the miscreant, if anyone knows that genus/species it belongs will be grateful. Finally i bring you a picture of a Mammillaria gracilis, cactus i got this gift for my older brother. Best regards, Rodrigo
  6. I would ask him why this plant has banned their sale, but after reading a little information to the ICPS understood and the subject of this topic, so I have nothing more to say on this subject. Best regards, Rodrigo
  7. Hello SilentyGuy, if possible post some pictures of your plant pair that can assist you in solving this problem. Without them (the images) is difficult, perhaps impossible to help you. Best regards, Rodrigo
  8. Look here i again CPUK friends, and bring them over a photo with other xerophytic my house: In the foreground we have two Euphorbia ingens (Cactus Candelabre) and in the background one Mammilliaria bombycina grafted onto Pitaya, whose species do not even dare to identify . Best regards, Rodrigo
  9. John, thank you for your advice . I hope that this other seeds of Drosera germinate in the future so i can appreciate their development . Here is a quick update from my D. peltata: Track your growth it is being an amazing experience, every week is a new trap that way. As you can see this PC is rapidly developing and has also captured prey equal to this row to show in detail in the second picture . Best regards, Rodrigo
  10. Given these facts, i conclude that the changes of a scientific expedition to the region to better study this plant is completely discarded ...
  11. Very beautiful collection, congratulations. I see that has a Euphorbia obesa, know that i consider this plant as one of the most beautiful Succulents of the genus Euphorbia. Best regards, Rodrigo
  12. I liked the idea, keep us informed of developments in this project. Best regards, Rodrigo
  13. Welcome. Best regards, Rodrigo
  14. Thank you for the reply Aymeric, but I find it strange that there are no photos of this specimen carnivore. From the little information I got regarding this CP, there are some who consider this taxon invalid, ie, assume that it it is a P. vulgaris or perhaps a subspecies or variety of the latter. Best regards, Rodrigo
  15. Hello friend, site you will have access to many photos of Cacti, so it will be easier to know what your cactus genus/species belongs. Best regards, Rodrigo
  16. Rodrigo

    ID - 2 Pings

    Everything indicates are that both of P. esseriana. Best regards, Rodrigo
  17. Hello friends CPUK, some of you would know say if Pinguicula fontiqueriana really exist? I ask this because apart from a few scant documents on it found no photo of it. Best regards, Rodrigo
  18. Gary, the explanation given by Corky is correct, ie, that the pot used for these plants is plastic (it is the bottom of a plastic bottle) and there are a good number of holes in it, which guarantees good drainage. Now, as a complement to I bring to you a picture of the third pot of Cacti and Succulents i have here: In the foreground, left, have a Cactus unknown (if someone knows the ID it will be grateful) and the right is a Astrophytum asterias. In the background, there is another smaller A. asterias (left, partially hidden) and a Kalanchoe tomentosa, the right, popularly known as Kalanch
  19. Stupendous, is all I have to tell you about the flowering of your Ping. Best regards, Rodrigo
  20. Here is a recent photo of my little Droso: Notice that the number of traps is developing large sign that this plant this eager to "tasting" something, if i understand . Best regards, Rodrigo F. Costa
  21. Wonderful images of a beautiful place, and what is best, with pictures of CPs native to the region. I congratulate you for sharing this record photography. Best regards, Rodrigo
  22. Beautiful images, Stephen. Thank you for sharing them with us. Abs, Rodrigo