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  1. Everything suggests that it is an Aeonium arboreum var. atropurpureum. Best regards, Rodrigo
  2. Many thanks for the tip on the identification of this Nepenthes Marcelo Catalano, because of her seems that another friend managed to get the real ID of this plant. The same it is a N. x trichocarpa, a natural hybrid between the N. ampullaria and N. gracilis. I thank all who have spoken on this topic and, therefore, give this matter closed. Best regards, Rodrigo
  3. Given what was reviewed here every reason to believe that this plant is not the true N. madagascariensis, perhaps a hybrid involving this CP. And then what do you think? Best regards, Rodrigo
  4. I do not think this plant is one N. x willamsii, the format of peristomium is different out that the color of the stem and confers no Tendris. Anyway thanks for trying to identify it for me. So, anyone here have another guess? Best regards, Rodrigo
  5. Hello friends i have a doubt in regard to a Nepenthes and like an opinion from you regarding this matter. It is as follows; a friend of mine bought a while ago a plant with the identification of N. madagascariensis, but the problem is that when viewing photos on the web he found that the color of the stem, tendril and format of the pitchers was different. To better understand the situation I leave here one photo of the plant: And then, someone makes a guess? Best regards, Rodrigo
  6. Impressive collection, congratulations. Best regards, Rodrigo
  7. Growing Impeccable, something dedicated hobbyist. Congratulations and success there. Best regards, Rodrigo
  8. When i saw the size of that Bromeliad the first photo i knew as soon as the rest of the photos would be awesome. One day, i venture out in the vicinity of the region where i live, because I've been told that there are gems here, but while i do not do that i must share with vocçes the adventures of my friends throughout Brazil. Best regards, Rodrigo
  9. Rodrigo

    Unknown Aroid

    Hello friends, could help me identify this plant: I will be grateful to anyone who can help me. Best regards, Rodrigo
  10. Again a friend of another forum surprised me by posting a topic with lush images of carnivorous plants and non-carnivorous in nature. This time the adventure is happening in Pedra do Sino - Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos/ RJ/ Brasil, replete with of Drosera and Utricularia. To get a better idea of what I am reporting I suggest that give a look at the following link and rave about the beautiful images contained therein: Pedra do Sino - Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos/ RJ/ Brasil I hope you enjoy the topic to the next and be in peace. Best regards, Rodrigo
  11. In short, i missed these seeds. This is it? Best regards, Rodrigo
  12. Hello friends, i sowed 5 seeds of Byblis gigantea two weeks ago and so far nothing. Thus the question here is, it is true that this kind of Byblis need some artifice to germinate type, physical and chemical stratification (Smoke seed primer and GA3) or is this a myth? I'm waiting for an answer. Best regards, Rodrigo
  13. Following a swift update: Orbea variegata All Ascleps that bloomed here assure you that this is the most stinking. I say this because i sniffed it and I confess that I regret bitterly ... Best regards, Rodrigo
  14. Thank you for your comment Daniel, the same coming from an experienced grower like you just makes me very happy. Now, to take this posting i make sure to show them some more photos of my Drosophyllum: Best regards, Rodrigo
  15. Thank you friends for comments posted here. To my delight a few more of my Succulents bloomed, namely; Euphorbia milii Huernia schneideriana Best regards, Rodrigo
  16. Many thanks Stephen, thanks to your help i'm almost getting the full ID of this plant. Everything indicates that it can treat a Euphorbia pseudoglobosa far as i know a rare specimen in Brazil. And to think i paid a pittance for it... Best regrds, Rodrigo
  17. Hello friends, does anyone in this community has any idea that gender / species belongs to the plant below: I will be grateful to those who identify it for me. Best regards, Rodrigo F. Costa
  18. Rivadavia, without a doubt this is a nice find, especially from U.endresii. Many thanks for posting these pictures forum. Daniel, if i'm not mistaken is a member of this community that was selling seeds of this plant (P. calyptrata), take a look at the room "Sales & Wants" (sub-room for "Sales & Wants - UK & EU") which i believe his ad should still be there. Best regards, Rodrigo
  19. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. Best regards, Rodrigo
  20. Hello friends CPUK, just look at this my U. pusilla (Rifaina, SP/ Brasil) gave me: Note: Notice that PC produces mucilage in its flowering stem, but unaware that they may serve the same. Someone forum ventured a guess? Best regards Rodrigo
  21. Here are some pictures of flowers from my Cactus and Succulents: Disocactus x hybridus Echidnopsis Cereiformis Huernia keniensis Mammillaria prolifera Lobivia arachnacantha Best regards, Rodrigo
  22. Thank you for clarifying my doubt, Werds. I decided to risk and rummaged the substrate where was this CP and this is what I found: Tubers, those structures that both wanted my D. peltata produce. Needless to say i am delighted. Now i can only save them in a pot and accommodate it in a dry place protected from sunlight, so to replant them in late autumn / early winter. By time i feel i have achieved my goal, but i'll just give you satisfied when this plant resurface in the middle of the year, because then i know that mastered the cultivation of the same. Best regards, Rodrigo
  23. Daniel, thank you for clarify my doubts. Note: Out of curiosity, does anyone know which mean the appearance of tubers of D. peltata? Best regards, Rodrigo
  24. Here i am again bringing good news (or bad, after all depends on your point of view) about my D. peltata. The plant appears to be preparing to go into dormancy as you can see in the photos below: The curious thing is that the photo on the left you can still see some functional traps, pore around you all are too dry. So far so good, but behold, I come across this emerging at the base of the plant: Some questions to be answered: 1) This is normal to happen? If this means that this plant will sprout again? 2) Do you think I should check the substrate and see if it generated tubers? I wil