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  1. Beautiful Cactus , Natale. Out of curiosity what the ID it? Best regards, Rodrigo
  2. Rodrigo

    Crazy Lil Ping

    Beautiful pictures, friend . How the plant comes out of dormancy already sending a floral stem is impressive . Congratulations, because its cultivation is excellent . Best regards, Rodrigo
  3. Beautiful plants , healthy and well cared for . I enjoyed the D. derbiensis, a species that I hope one day to have in my cultivation. Best regards, Rodrigo
  4. Hello Daniel, beautiful hybrid, thank you very much for sharing with us this wonder. Best regards, Rodrigo
  5. Welcome to CPUK . You have beautiful specimens in their cultivation . Best regards Rodrigo
  6. Rodrigo

    N. clipeata

    Wonderfull plant, thanks for sharing . Best regards, Rodrigo
  7. Only have one thing to say about these pictures of your cultivation; wonder. Best regards, Rodrigo
  8. meizwang - Beautiful plant , very vivid color and healthy appearance. Kiwi Earl - Thank you very much for the extra information , as it will be very useful if some day will stick this plant in my cultivation. Best regards, Rodrigo
  9. Its cultivation is impeccable Cedric, congratulations. Best regards, Rodrigo
  10. Christer, the lack of nutrients in the substrate where your Stapelia are planted may be the cause of it not bloom. Take a look at this site I found, as I believe that it will be useful: http://www.cactus-ar...lia_hirsuta.htm Best regards, Rodrigo
  11. Hi Vartax, If I am not mistaken this CP is U. warburgii. Best regards, Rodrigo
  12. Beautiful plants , the genus Nepenthes plants actually produces incredible carnivorous plants. If the climate of my region was more conducive, would try to have this species in my cultivation. As this is not possible, me satisfaction in appreciating these wonderful images. Best regards, Rodrigo
  13. Hi Roberto, It is a pleasure to welcome you here at CPUK. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Best regards, Rodrigo
  14. Christer, post photos of your plant so that, in this way, we know that we are dealing with before you give a reply about your problem. Best regards, Rodrigo
  15. Lovely photos Daniel, the flowers of this hybrid were very beautiful. Best regards, Rodrigo
  16. Wonderful plants, especially P. esseriana. I consider this species, the most charming of the genus. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Best regards, Rodrigo
  17. Growing beautiful plants, impeccable. The moss, taking account of all the space. The greenhouse was the next natural habitat of CPs, which gives an exotic look to the project. Congratulations, because you are very capricious. Best regards, Rodrigo
  18. My friend just got one thing to tell you about their cultivation: Wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing with us such beautiful images. Best regards, Rodrigo
  19. Thanks for the comment Dani, all good for you. Best regards, Rodrigo
  20. Greetings Tim, any questions just ask. Best regards, Rodrigo
  21. Thanks for the posts by friends, glad to be so well received here in CPUK. Best regards, Rodrigo
  22. Hi friends, I live in Brazil and I registered on this forum in order to enhance my knowledge about carnivorous plants and make many friendships. Best regards, Rodrigo