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  1. Thanks for the replies Steve and MBE Ended up with 8 to 10 inches in the end. Cheers Phil
  2. Constructing my first "half barrel" bog garden. I have seen other excellent posts on here regarding the construction, including using polystyrene chips or similar at the base around an upturned bucket with holes in, to help reduce weight and also reduce the amount of compost required to fill it! Can someone tell me the depth of compost required above all the filler components? Many thanks Phil
  3. Many Thanks Howard and Steve for the full and good advice. Very Much Appreciated Phil
  4. Many Thanks Howard - that's great!! Are all these fairly low growing?, the location of my bog garden catches the wind occasionally. Cheers Phil
  5. Thanks for the reply Howard - unfortunately when I click your "Grow list" link, I get an error page containing "You do not have permission to view this topic." It maybe because I only registered today - perhaps if Admin sees this they can confirm. Phil
  6. I'm an absolute beginner creating a bog garden in a "half-barrel" type wooden container. Diameter of container is 15 1/2" and 13" deep. Only plants I have at the moment are 2 VFTs which have done well in pots outdoors, where I would like to position the bog garden eventually. The location can get a tad windy occasionally, so I want hardy plants that will be OK in VFT compost, but not get too high. Any suggestions gratefully received? Thanks Phil
  7. Absolute beginner. Been lurking on here for a while. Great forum. Fascinated with CPs after being given a couple VFTs as a birthday present. Creating a bog garden in a half barrel type container. I have loads of questions but will post them in the appropriate section. Cheers Phil