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  1. SilentGuy

    Standing proud

    Yes, mine are wider, taller and sturdier. But I always figured that it was because it was just maturing and has reached a point where things have stabilised. Mine now, look like what everyone else has previous years. I still think they haven't quite reached full height, things like brooks hybrid is at a guess half a metre, which I know is probably still shorter than what others have by a long margin.
  2. This year the majority of my pitchers have gone strong, tall and generally look fuller looking in appearance, but I've noticed that despite being exceptionally tall this year compared to last, the tall pitchers (Brooks Hybrid, and Flava Maxima - first time flowering, first flowering sarracenia for me) barely have any insects caught. It's the smaller Sarracenia flava with more clumps and pitchers that are about 50% full in most of them. I'm looking forward to next year already in the hope that these tall pitchers will achieve an even higher height, but if they're poor fly catchers it would be quite counterintuitive and unimpressive.
  3. Could it be simply the one outside has been feed more insects than the ones indoors? The middle one looks covered in critters, but the other two look bare. Or is it simply the reverse being the case - it's covered in critters because it's grown so big?.
  4. Well i've unpotted the Regia, and gave it a quick rinse to remove the soil. The upper part with the leaves snapped off during the process, so it was clearly very weak from some sort of rot. The base of the leaves felt pretty mushy. If it is indeed rot, then I'm surprised because I thought having it in a 20cm tall pot with a inch of water of the tray method in a well draining medium would have been sufficient to prevent this. The plant was outside and besides the rain, I mostly stuck with water tray method. Hopefully the roots which I have stuck horizontally buried slightly below the medium will start producing plantlets. Should roots when cut be white throughout, or is a brown centre still a good indicator for viability?
  5. It's healthy state: What it currently looks like:
  6. Double posted. Mods/Admin Please delete
  7. The Regia that I have had for less than a year has flourished well over the summer, catching all sorts of flies and insects, but a few days ago, I noticed the latest leaf not being as vertical as the summer leaves. Not an issue as far as I was concerned what with the lowering light levels, but yesterday I noticed all the leaves wilting down, and the base of all leaves starting to brown. The growing tip of the new leaves has browned and blackened, and I can't figure out why. I'm hoping it's starting to go dormant due to temps (10 degrees during night but during day it's still 20 degrees), but it looks too sudden a change. Any ideas why this is. I haven't really changed anything.
  8. - relevant?
  9. like these? EDIT: I do not know if these are suitable for plants nor do they deliver internationally.
  10. He has a lot of "rare" plants.
  11. I know the leaves fork only once when they are very young or at the start of spring, but I keep reading it commonly forks up to something like twelve points. Mine seem to be dead set on 4 points, sometimes 3 and rarely 5, but never more than that. Is it a case of a few more growing seasons to be put under it's belt (I already consider it pretty mature), does it require certain conditions first (i.e fall climate, shade instead of direct sun, etc) or do certain Multifida's just don't produce that many points.
  12. SilentGuy

    D. indica

    Have you been growing them long? I've got a few forms but they're only just now for some showing flower stem development. I'm worried with diminishing light levels, they'll die before reaching their full potential and I won't be able to get seeds from them.
  13. I think the G is for Giant :)
  14. More direct light, less humidity. Take it out of the terrarium. Having higher humidity may seem like the way to get a lot of dew, but most of the water vapour in the air creates a false illusion. Usually this dew is more water than actual mucillage. The best way to produce dew is to provide as much light (direct) as possible.