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  1. I am going to vote out. If in the future it goes terrible wrong and the end of the world occurs Europe would quite happily allow Britain back in. If you vote stay in and it all goes terrible wrong it will virtually be impossible to leave
  2. Contact Richard at (Daventry, Northamptonshire). I have bought spagnum moss of him for years. Also sells small selection of carnivorous plants
  3. Thanks for your replies. Can anyone tell me who sells coarse - a lot of companies advertise coarse / super coarse for sale but they are all actually standard.
  4. I see Perlite can be purchased in different grain sizes, ie, fine, medium and coarse. Is there any preference which one to use or does it not matter.
  5. JMHoff, it is roughly 160 miles (260 km) by car from London which probably take you around 3 hours. Train takes about 2 1/2 hours from London changing at Birmingham New Street. Cost roughly £50 each
  6. For the first time I have a massive slug problem with virtually all 200 carnivorous plant being attacked Taken plants out of their individual pots and removed as many slugs as I can see but have not found all of them Could I use nematodes to get rid of the slugs ?
  7. OK thanks, is de-ionised and distilled water the same thing.
  8. I apologise if this topic has been covered already My 100 gallon rain water butt is now empty as it has not rained here for nearly a month and none due for at least another week. I assume its ok to use de-ionised water to water my trays and trays of sundews. Are all de-ionised water the same ? Anything else suitable to use ?
  9. trisch

    winter watering

    Thanks for your reply. Gaz - all my sundews are kept in an unheated greenhouse at present. Jimscott - got a mixture of Australian (sub - tropical ?) and native British
  10. trisch

    winter watering

    For the winter period when do you stop keeping sundews stood in a inch of water. I know you have to keep the plant moist so it does not dry out completely throughout the winter. Also, when would you start watering normally again in the spring ?
  11. Thanks for the info. Just bought some perlite
  12. Is there any difference between Perlite and Vermiculite. Can either one be used in compost mix for sundews
  13. I am a absolute beginner and never thought about using a terrarium indoors. Now I have to ask a silly question - being a big fan of drosera plants how do they catch insects if the tanks have lids on ?
  14. I am a complete novice and have had a Drosera Binata Multifida for about a year now. I have repotted it twice now as it has grown from a small 2 inch pot to completely filling a 12 inch diameter pot. Can you split the plant and roots in half and repot each bit ? How far can one plant normally spread ?
  15. Hi from sunny Northamptonshire. I have an interest in Droseras. Last year I bought 4 plants from which I have now grown 20 baby plants this year from leaf cuttings. Would be interested in meeting up with any local drosera growers for help and advice. Patricia