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  1. Ribets90

    real Hummer's Giant

    Fantastic plant!
  2. Ribets90

    strange stains on nepenthes

    Yes these temps are manteined 24 hours a day. I know that Dubia and Inermis are highland but in this condition these plants grown without problems for 3 years.
  3. Ribets90

    strange stains on nepenthes

    Hi everyone, Three of my nepenthes (inermis, Dubia and bicalcarata) present spots on leaves (I think that there are two kind of spots). In the first photos there is a leaf of nepenthes bicalcarata whereas in the second pictures nepenthes inermis. I do not understand what these spots are caused. In the photos the white patches are due to fungicide. Also Nepenthes Inermis and Dubia stopped to grow from July. I grow my plants in terrarium with 14h of light, 85% humidity, Max temp 26°C and min 22°C. Thank you Matteo
  4. Ribets90

    Dionaea summer

    Very very nice plants!
  5. Ribets90

    hello from italy!

  6. Ribets90

    Eden Black Pictures

    Fantastic plant!
  7. Ribets90

    Put drosera regia out of terrarium

    Hi, I need an advice about my drosera Regia. I bought it 2 years ago from Carnivoria. During this period I grew it in terrarium but the results were bad until now. Therefore I decided to put it out. What are the precautions that have to be taken to avoid the death of the plant? Thank you! Matteo
  8. Ribets90

    Traps died before are formed

    Yes my dionaeas was repotted on February. I think (and hope) that this problem is not related to bad peat. Here in Rome I and a lot of other growers, are using the same peat but this problem is only on me. Now, in order to reduce temperature in my greenhouse I took out 6 pannels 3 on each side.
  9. Ribets90

    Traps died before are formed

    Hi, In this period I have a problem with my dionaeas. In a lot of my plants the traps died before are formed. I treated them both with acaricide and fungicidal (my first idea was the Colletotrichum made this). Do you think that the cause of this could be hight temperature in greenhouse? Thank you Matteo
  10. Ribets90

    What do you do in real life???

    I hold a degree in aerospace engineering and I'm attending the courses of space and astronautical engineering.
  11. Ribets90

    Hello from Rome, Italy!

    Hi guys, my name is Matteo, I'm 21 years old and I attend the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. I'm growing carnivorous plants for two years, I'm interested in particular clones of Dionaea and Sarraceniae but I especially like cephalotus genus. I hope that with your help and your advice I can continue this "carnivorous adventures" and expand my Growlist! Obviously another of my intention is to find new friends around the world and improve my english too! Forgive me for my english! Greetings Matteo