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  1. Marcia

    Which one?

    Noted :) thanks :)
  2. Marcia

    Which one?

    I'll be keeping them in a cold frame over winter :)
  3. Marcia

    Which one?

    It's the alba I bought this time, maybe next year ill buy the all red one but I think I've got enough to get on with this year now lol
  4. Marcia

    Which one?

    What a stunning plant :) I've managed to get my hands on a sarracenia Catesbaei and I've got a Flava and leucophylla coming to me :) Plus I was a bit naughty and ordered myself another D.Capensis lol
  5. Marcia

    Which one?

    I'm not looking to achieve anything big. I just want some because I like them :) they make my garden look better lol
  6. Marcia


    Welcome aboard :)
  7. Marcia

    Which one?

    Our winters vary greatly. Some years like a couple of years ago was below freezing. This last winter was a lot milder but it dragged on for longer.
  8. Marcia

    Which one?

    Does the same apply for the S.Catesbaei?
  9. Marcia

    Which one?

    Thanks. Any ideas where I can get them in the UK? Also I quite like the S. Flava and alata, would these be ok in a greenhouse?
  10. Marcia

    Which one?

    I really want to get some Sarracenia but with there being a few to choose from, I can't decide. What would you guys recommend?
  11. I'm 24 turning 25 in 3 weeks :)