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  1. Hallo Karl, herzlich willkommen hier im Forum! Mach´s Dir bequem, hier wirst Du sicher viel Info bekommen und viel Inspiration und viele Antworten, ich bin wirklich gerne hier! Was hast Du denn so alles für Sorten? Viele Grüße, Mike
  2. Hi Vartax, hi Steve, thanks a lot for your answers! I have a lot of leucophyllas and the seedling, I had potted, was also a leuco crossing. My plants stay in trays, about 60 x 33 x 12 cm. I fill up water to 3 or 4 cm, pots size are about 7 - 12 cm high, mixture is 60% peat and 40% perlite, peat is very good quality, have searched a lot for it. In winter they are only moist, that couldn´t be the problem. My greenhouse is very sunny the whole day, after a while from spring to summer water turns green because of seaweed will start grow in there. I cleen the trys as often I can, but sometimes the whole surface area is closed with this seaweed. On the other side I grew Sarracenias on the outside in my garden a few years ago without a seaweed problem and also with rainwater, and I had this peat problem also! Question is, what others do different than I to have not this problem? Hope this helps for more, thanks for your answer, Mike
  3. Hi there, usually I´m repotting my Sarracenia´s every year in spring to let them have good condition to grow. Now I have read, that this is not the best for them, every repotting disturbs their growing. After repotting a small seedling in autumn it stopped growing and producing tubes. I heared, that the right time to repot is only, when the plants are getting too large and needs more space. The problem for me is, that every spring, when I repot them, the peat at the bottom of the pot, that stands in water all the time, is rotted and smells like this. I can not imagine that this is healthy for the plants! And this is after 1 year, how does it look like after 3 or 4 years? I use only rainwater. Please, could you help me with your experiences to help me with this? Thanks a lot, regards, Mike
  4. Hallo Benedict, auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen nach Bayern aus Baden Württemberg, viel Spaß hier im Forum! Gruß Micha
  5. Hi Natalie, which sort do you want to germinate? Cheers, Mike
  6. Hi Natalie, which sort do you want to germinate? Cheers, Mike
  7. Hi Alberto, welcome and many greetings to Venice ;o) Mike
  8. Hi to all out there, now is the right time for me to enter this forum, I grow Sarracenias for about 6 years now and have started growing seeds 2 years ago. Last year I got a small greenhouse and filled the open space with stunning sorts. I love that leuco's and moorei's and all this wonderful coloured tubes. This autumn, while bringing plants home from the greenhouse, I will create my first growing list to let you see what happens here :o) I would be glad to find more stunning plants by the help of members and can offer nice sorts to swap. So let's wait and see, best wishes to you all and happy growing, Mike
  9. Hallo, bin auch aus Germany, aber schon bisschen älter als Du ... Willkommen hier, ich bin auch neu und werd mich jetzt hier auch erstmal vorstellen. Viele Grüße aus dem südlichsten Süden, Mick
  10. Hi Cedric, greetings from germany ;o) I would like to say, that I love your plants and the perfect photos of them! I can spend hours for looking at them and hope, that some day it will looks the same in my own greenhouse (will send you pictures then ...) All the best to you, Mike