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  1. Hello, I have fresh pollen of Nepenthes ephippiata. If you have interesting females and are interested, please contact me at [email protected] 50:50 seeds share. All the best Andreas
  2. If you buy a CD or DVD containing software or a CD with music on - what do you think is the price of the raw materials? As pointed out previously, this is a non-profit thing. When I had the idea of starting the ant plant forum roughly 15 months ago I had the hope that I was not the only person being interested in the subject and was sure that some donations would come in to pay the rent. While the forum quickly turned into the best resource of information on Ant Plants on the internet and was attracting quite some attention, we had 1 (in words "ONE") donation in 15 months. Apart from this single donation, I spent roughly US$ 400 of my personal money to keep this going from one month to the next but finally decided that this was not the way to continue and considered to shut the whole thing off. Then, Derrick offered to donate his DVD, which I consider a realistic way to pay the rent of this forum. I consider this a way to encourage donations - you donate EUR 59,- to keep a good thing going and in return get the best and most complete set of data you get anywhere. We do not need to sell many. The rent for the forum currently is US$ 30 per month and nobody is interested in piling up money. Apart from the VAT, duplication cost and shipping cost, the money instantly is forwarded to the forum hoster. This is transparent and I do not make a single Eurocent of money out of this. If people prefer to illegally copy the thing, I hope they feel well about it... ;) But of cause I might belong to a almost extinct "red list species", still paying for DVDs and CDs, feeling well about it and not seeking for the data on the internet.... All the best Andreas
  3. Presently all H. minor var. pilosa are propagated from divisions and I might have between 5 and 10 per year. The information of the minimum order of EUR 250,- was for the introduction in 2012 and said so in the text. As this text simply was forgotten I removed it now. Thee is no need to order anything in addition! All the best Andreas
  4. Which is your maximum daytime temperature in summer and the night-time drop? All the best Andreas
  5. Especially the way plants are watered and how often is very important when choosing substrates. All the best Andreas
  6. Right now I have very nice ones. Between 7 and 10 cm in diameter with nice pitchers 2-3 cm long. Bye Andreas
  7. Interesting thread. I've tried several mixes over the years from peaty ones moving to living Sphagnum moving on to dead Sphagnum with Pinebark and/or Perlite and now I'm back to peat. Peat without the dusty part works very well under my current growing conditions. I use very coarse peat (20-40mm) for adult plants and fine one plus perlite for younger plants. Plants from TC root best for me in dead Sphagnum plus perlite. All the best Andreas
  8. These are typical symptoms of the "wilting disease" Heliamphoras often catch, when temperature is too high for longer periods. If I understand correctly, temperature was not an issue in your case. I can only tell from my experience, that the only cases of wilting disease I had were around 10 years ago when I lost almost my whole collection in the horrible summer of 2003. After this nightmare, I kept temperature controlled either with the help of air conditioners (inside) or by evaporative cooling in greenhouses. I did not lose a single plant by this disease in all those years since 2003. However this does not necessarily mean that there are no other factors of influence. BTW, there are many indications, that wilting disease in Heliamphora is caused by Colletotrichum. All the best Andreas
  9. Do you have a pic of the damaged/dead plants? All the best Andreas
  10. We guarantee for healthy arrival. If you chose UPS-shipping you have your plants in hands 3 days after I posted it from Germany. Shipping within the EU is no different than shipping locally. All the best Andreas
  11. These keys that were valid for the knowledge as of 2004 are outdated. There are no keys that reflect current knowledge of the genus Heliamphora, I'm afraid. All the best Andreas
  12. Looks like H. collina to me. All the best Andreas
  13. Wow - very nice collection! All the best Andreas
  14. P.S. Kanemite (Acequinocyl) is a very good systemic care against mites. Calypso (Thiacloprid) and Bi58/Perfekthion (Dimethoat) work very well against root mealy bugs. Plants have to be watered with a solution.
  15. Dear Dave, I can stand quite a bit, but if you're stating that my plants carry an invisible disease that's a bit too much. I'm not really sure if I should rather laugh out loudly or whether I should be angry reading that.... In Germany we have a very tight monitoring by Plant Health officers and my nursery is checked 3-4 times per year. I could not export a single plant for many months if they would ever find any disease here and I can assure you that I monitor my plants very very closely as well....! Fact is that mites are a problem in Nepenthes and everybody growing Nepenthes in a greenhouse should be well aware that these animals literally are everywhere and have to be monitored tightly. In Heliamphora root mealy bugs can cause severe problems. Both of these pests may appear "invisible". Root mealy bugs live under the soil-surface and mites are simply very small. I can assure you that - as I make a living from growing plants - I cannot afford having any of these spreading here! However, I know that they both are very very common among growers. Plants that are weakened after a long shipping journey, make a good victim for all kind of pests. All the best Andreas