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  1. In Belgium it's not so hard to get peat, almost all the garden centre's I contact have it in stock (small portion up to 300L)
  2. casca

    Mike King's open day, 27th of June 2015

    Hope to come this year too
  3. casca

    South african drosera

    Very nice pictures!
  4. Same here, fresh seeds germinated without any treatment. Same potting mix as dimitar without the perlite.
  5. @Richard thanks for the article :)
  6. casca

    D. indica complex species

    Hey Dieter thanks for the pictures, now I have too rename the seeds I got rom you. Do you have a comparison list of your species already?
  7. casca

    Welshy's Greenhouse

    Nice setup Welshy and thanks for sharing your pics
  8. @ Richard, I can't send you a pm. I think your inbox is full?
  9. casca

    Drosera bindoon

    Really nice flowers on that one!
  10. casca

    Drosera hartmeyerorum?

    How long does it generally take to flower? Because I have one plant that's already like 12 cm in height but no flowers yet. I feed it once a week with dry fishflakes (beta) I have an indica with the same feeding pattern and it already produced a huge amount of flowers (and seeds )
  11. casca

    Pics of my sarracenia collection

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing
  12. casca

    what sand for carnivorous plants?

    Either way you still need to rinse your sand.
  13. Richard can you send me the article? Thanks!
  14. casca

    Drosera Regia, Flower, Pollination & Seeds

    I would like to have a read of your pdf ;)
  15. casca

    Byblis liniflora chlorosis

    Maybe use some more sand in your media?