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  1. Traps die after they have been triggered a few times, so even during full growth you will have traps die off. You seem to have plenty of new growth on the plants so I would not worry if they were mine. I would leave them under light until the summer and then harden them off to sun light and natural conditions then. They will go dormant naturally then at the end of the year. It may just offer more problems moving them from under lights before its time for them to naturally be in full growth.
  2. The truth is its a slippery slope, or crevice at least but the more you use the more you need....
  3. I would not like to go through your internet history......
  4. I don't see any pest problems that would concern me if they were mine. If you keep the drosera capensis in between the sarrencia (purpurea or a hybrid of) and VFT, it will mop up anything that comes out of the soil. The plants look like they could do with more light though. Also they wont benefit from being kept in a tank with high humidity, it will cause more problems later on with fungus/mold and rot. The sar and vft will be needing a dormancy but the capensis does not, although you can treat them the same. The capensis will die back but will regrow once it gets warm again, they are virtually unkillable.
  5. As Fred said Cobras, Sarracenia and VFT will take pretty much anything the UK can throw at them, especially down south. A green house will protect you from the wind and rain and give them a good start in the spring. Sundews are a different story, it all depends on what sundew, some are tropical and others native to the UK so really depends on which ones you have.
  6. The seed does usually stay black when they germinate but as said they are not quick. I would not right them off for at least a year. I planted some straight after harvest and some germinate 3+ weeks after and other will come up in the spring.
  7. I used to use FB a lot when I was a student but went off it as it slowly became a stage for people to spout rubbish and play out all the mundane elements of their lives. That being said I went back on a few weeks ago and found the block button (which is now having a well earned rest!!) but also started looking at some of Paul's pictures and am going to start putting some of mine on their too. I do struggle getting pics on here, I'm a pretty big techotard and every time I work it out Flickr changes!! But to push this talk off topic I will say that I too went down to see Alistairs and it really is eye opening. More importantly after going to Mike Kings and Les Burdetts, it really is good how much info people are prepared to share with you with respect to how, where and why they grow their plants the way they do. You also begin to see that there are many ways of getting very good results.
  8. I keep my cobras in peat/perlite mix, growing in standard seed trays. I leave them outside and if it hasnt rained for a few days top the water up until it overflows. They seem to be growing fine and this year I had loads of stolons in all directions. The peat I use I get from the garden centre, J Arthur Bowles was my last bale. I too have read all about the fussy requirements for cobras and have now realised that they will happily be pulled up and have the stolons pulled off, then be stuck back in the mix and keep growing fine. They also spent all of last winter outside in a tray with no protection form the elements.
  9. Does it work? It looks quite like an evil puppy got hold of it and its the bit of plant you managed to get back out of it mouth!!
  10. cookie0117

    Dionaea Seeds

    There are some available for sale on the forum and plenty on ebay, just watch out for anything that looks too cheap coming from China.
  11. Very nice. Planted my first tuberous drosera this year, just waiting for the first signs of life. Although I'm not expecting anything that exciting!!
  12. The plants are triggered into dormancy by drop in day time light as well as temp. They wont go dormant after a few bad days, even when we have a bad day its still light.
  13. I was only reading on the forum a few days ago about spider mites and it made me think about a plant I have that seemed to just give up and die last week. So I checked it and all my other plants and saw some leaves on other plants browning much as described for mite damage, then I saw a leaf with about 10 tiny red dots moving around!! I`m not sure if reading about them made them come or just primed me to spot it. I went looking for a mitiacide before they can do any real damage or make themselves at home. I found this product http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/garden-care-watering/pest-weed-control/insect_control/Scotts-Bug-Clear-Ultra-Gun-1L-13328578. It has the active ingredient Acetamiprid. Just wondering if anyone has any experience using this chemical on their plants. I will let people know how it does anyway.
  14. Biggest questions are, what are their growing conditions and can you show some pics?
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