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  1. Gaz, all those giving criticism have said that Stew's books are amazing... fact. What is criticized is the editing of one set, the Sarraceniaceae books... all the criticism importantly highlights the issue of consistency... and being an adult, we can be sure McPherson will take it into consideration without raising middle fingers or telling those who offer useful feedback to get a life... and having heard him speak I doubt its his style either. There's a difference between putting him down needlessly and highlighting a problem with a product that... for the money... many people regard as being
  2. Stunning plants.. I have ordered my first common ones... very excited and hoping i can work my way up to rarer things like this. Thanks for sharing.
  3. As a relative newcomer, I have been bingeing on CP books, and McPherson's are some of the best, esp. for field reports, though I like the D'amato/Slack style ones for cultivation info. But they're really different styles of books so that's a moot point. But I agree that the proofreading was really bad in the Sarracenia books... the latest ICPN review by Dr Rice is what brought me searching for this topic. Oddly, in Pitcher Plants of the Old World it is perfect, and as good (from what I've read) in the New Nepenthes, especially given how complicated some of the concepts are (for me anyway)...
  4. D. erythrorhiza ssp. collina and squamosa are incredible beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I just wish the really exciting tuberous sundew species were a little easier to grow...
  5. When do these reach their best? Am travelling in Asia/Oz and would like to visit West Australia if the chance comes up J.
  6. A beautiful picture of a beautiful plant - I can't wait to see my first CPs in the wild!