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  1. ahhh, well that's been 3 memorable weeks. it's good to be back though :) ill all ways remember jaffa cakes with salsa and braking the laws of physics before breakfast though ;)

  2. hi i have some time laps clips of a couple of drosera moving if your interested?
  3. they both look like drosera spatulata too me, but im no expert.
  4. hi about 7 years ago i used to collect carnivorous plants, i had 4 nepenthis, all but one of which unfortunately died, my mum kept the other one alive but it refused to pitcher, in the past year i finally got it to pitcher again and was woundering if any one could tell me what it is? i think it may be a maxima but it looks very diferent from the 2 other maxima i own. sorry about the bad qualaty, i only have to one camara
  5. hi, i have a very nice heliamphora nutans X heterodoxa whic i have had since spring last year, i have had exalent results with keeping it on a south facing window sill, and it has just about doubled in size, bear in mind though that heliamphora need high humidity levels like nepenthisis. during the summer i had to mist them twice daily to keep the humidity at a high enough level.
  6. i hate it when the only valentines day card i get is from my 3ds -_-

  7. ahh, just been paint balling in our woods, great fun!! Joseph Greenhalgh

  8. just finished my first non-supervised drama workshop! it went GREAT!!


  10. just come in from a tiring afternoon snowboarding, now i need something hot :P

  11. so who wants to come sledging? :)

  12. Worldwide, wildlife crime is increasing with appalling acts of persecution taking place, often on a highly organised basis. The species involved include big game poached for the illegal ivory and rhino horn trade, the smuggling of amphibians, the illegal bird trade, raptor persecution and much more. DEFRA have agreed their share of the funding but the Home Office has yet to sign off just £136,000 required to ensure the survival of the NWCU, whose funding expires on 31st March 2013. Pleas...

  13. so dose anyone want 2 tickets to see the phantom of the opera on broadway om the 26th of jan? only problem you need to live in the US :P