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  1. We do some of both as weird as it may seem they tend to do better hanging.
  2. Triffid had some not to long ago.
  3. Hi there are some pics of Robcantleyi hybrids (smallish plants) at
  4. Hi maybe have a look at the Borneo Exotics catalogue, it could be in there.
  5. alemcr

    highland pics

    Its a random clone of Hamata from Wistuba growing in polycarb greenhouse with heater, fogger..................................
  6. alemcr

    highland pics

    Some pics from to day, light levels getting better
  7. alemcr

    rob cantleyi

  8. alemcr

    N. Hamata

  9. alemcr


  10. I got that cross from hantsflytrap v good plant arrived in 2 - 3 day. Matthew is great over there.
  11. alemcr

    red saw tooth

    red saw tooth
  12. yes small its in the greenhouse 365, standing in water all the time(yes that's wrong but seems to work) none of the vft are aloud to flower, I tend to start feeding them insects as soon as the first new trap appears.
  13. Hi little shop of horrors about 2 years ago, I have had a few plants from them all good.
  14. alemcr