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  1. I used a nail file on my seeds then put them in Luke warm water , out of 6 seeds , 4 had germinated within a week, I will check on the plants later and report back
  2. Thanks for your reply , I have lifted the rhizomes and put them in a bag with some slightly damp compost then put them into a polystyrene box , just checked on them and they are still firm and look good so fingers crossed they make it through winter , I will check them every now and then and update this post
  3. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help. I have 4 nelumbo nucifera in a water barrell , they where grown from seed this year , how can I get them through winter, they are in a cold greenhouse at the moment. Can I lift the rhizomes and store them indoors? Thanks for any help Dave
  4. You could try nemaslug , I have the same problem as you so I'm going to give nematodes a try when I get chance to get to a garden centre
  5. Hi guys , in march I decided to divide my sarracenia x ahlsii ( Langford Williams ) , I was left with a piece of rhizome with no growth points so I cut it into sections about an inch long and and popped them into a lot , I'm quite pleased with the success I have had
  6. They are usually available in the uk from decent tropical fish shops , they are usually sold as a corm about the size of ping pong ball with a few groth points , I had them a few times and they do look good for a while but they are very vigorous and you will find your tank full in no time , once they get going you will be pruning it back most days.
  7. Hi guys just thought I would share a pic of some of my orchids
  8. A quick update , managed to get a few windows made and fitted , bought a bit of wood to make the door frame and I now have 2 weeks off work so I'm expecting to make good progress
  9. Thanks blocky71 , no glazier in the family but I did get a load of glass from a rotten greenhouse my mate was getting rid of. The greenhouse is in an area of the garden the kids like to play in so the bottom panes are going to be perspex which the father in law gets me from work
  10. I will update as I make progress, my brother in law is struggling to get any decent pieces of wood at the moment so I might have to buy some this weekend. Hi Simon B where in hull are you? I'm near withernsea in a village called winestead , you probably pass my house if you ever go to withernsea Dave
  11. Thanks guys. I knew someone would spot the gap I wish I could say it was a design feature but unfortunately I didn't have a piece of wood long enough ,my brother in law builds portable buildings and he is allowed to take home the offcuts for his fire so im waiting for my next delivery before i can crack on
  12. Hi guys , I have owned a greenhouse at every house I have lived in but for the last 5 years I have been without so this weekend I decided to start building anew one it is around 8 ft x 6 ft and is built using wood destined for the fire , up to now it has cost me about a fiver in screws , still a long way to go until it is ready for plants but I'm pleased with it so far
  13. Thank yo for the I'd. Richard I have divided the plant and now have 23 plants so not bad for £3.99
  14. Hi guys , can anyone I'd my drosera for me please , picked it up from my local garden centre this morning http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj242/hullfishman/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-05/DSC_0039_zpsn20lboky.jpg
  15. I have just walked in from work and thought I would go and check my plants before I have tea, went into the garden and my tray of live sphagnum moss has been ripped to shreds, there is hardly any left, I'm guessing blackbirds are the culprit. The moss was bone dry all over the floor, I have put it back in the tray but it don't look too clever , will it be OK and start growing again or have I just lost what little moss I had? Thanks Dave