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Status Updates posted by Blocky71

  1. Playing killer, it's been a while !

  2. Crushed monkey rolls.....

  3. I am no longer unemployed !. I got offered the job I went for on Tuesday so have accepted that as back up. Won't hear about today's job till end of next week. :-)

  4. Interview and assessment day at aylesford newsprint. Thanks to Sally Fisher and Mark for the " heads- up" ;-)

  5. 2nd question, essex, stanford le hope for 10.20am by car? . Job interview.Yes or no......

  6. Helen Shaw is very happy with her new " magic bullet ". I think it's the " high torque power base " that's impressing her.

  7. Hansel and gretel

  8. Now for a well deserved lunch !

  9. I Wasn't aware you need a degree to get a CSCS card for free.I've done english and maths till i'm blue in the face, i just wanna get out of this godsaken place!.The pc's now frozen and all my works lost, the trainers just shrug and laugh it all off. If i ever get through this and pass my " degree" i'll be the happiest labourer in the construction industry !

  10. Is anyone out to play tonight?

  11. Anyone got a razor blade?

  12. Finally the last bit of treatment, £1400 total... Ouch

  13. Sad to be leaving, lovely weekend cheers Helen Shaw, love ya x

  14. Wow, f***ing lush ;-)

  15. I want some spunk, taken too long without it...

  16. The boys and their igloo, well day one anyhow

  17. Mmmmmm pulled pork burritos

  18. Layin in bed with the other half watching 2nd Kevin bridges DVD, lush :-)