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  1. I don't have traps large enough to consume a whole cow............. Yet But for now, the flies that live on the poo from the cattle make a steady stream of abundant food for all the plants.
  2. Every morning I have to pick up one or two of my sarracenia from the floor. I've tried to shelter them but made it worse.
  3. Ah wonderful. I was scratching my head. When I saw both pics it was de ja vu. My Great White Shark was purchased from South West Carnivorous plants nursery so it must be a division from the plant in the picture (or clone). S. W. Giant is a favourite of mine, so it's nice to have this interesting cross giant in my collection. It's doing well :-)
  4. I am also interested / curious by hydroponic cultivation. It is possible. I've seen it done on youtube and various other sources. Although I have never seen it work long term. It could work in a DWC (Deep water culture) hydro setup in Hydroton set with a low (acidic) pH and very very little to no nutrients (0-15ppm TDS). I'm sceptical about a true flood and drain system working with some carnivorous plants as leaving their roots exposed for any length of time is bad in my opinion. Therefore, I think DWC or similar would be preferble to F+D, at least in DWC the roots are always in water (under an oxygen enriched air stone). Sterile hygiene and hydro go hand in hand and because rainwater is notoriously impure and thriving with bad things. I would use RO only if attempting this.
  5. That we're having lately in the UK. It's supposed to be June-July!! My plants are all outsides in this horrible weather. Sarracenia, Dionaea, Utricularia, Drosera. I don't have a greenhouse
  6. Do you work at or own 'Little Shop Of Horrors'? I saw that exact picture here. I have no idea if I can post links. Apologies if you can't. I did make an effort to look for the rules. I failed. I'm new. I have a Great White Shark. Not as big as this yet.
  7. Oh my! What a hard question! I love them all.... But I really like the look of the mature Korean Melody Shark. I don't own one of those (yet). Out of my own collection I like South West Giant and of course the famous B52. But I change my mind all the time. I can't really decide. Not really.
  8. Heisenberg


    Perlite is good for air too. Even though Carnivorous plants stand in water, roots need oxygen. Perlite helps break up the compost mix and lighten it up. I too don't like the look of Perlite cosmetically. So after the original soil mix has settled down in the pot I top dress the pots with just plain peat moss by itself. I find this looks neat and clean. In addition helps Sphagnum moss develop and grow evenly over the top and give a nice carpet of green at the base of the plant. Which I like. Sometimes I use just peat moss. Sometimes just sand and peat moss. Sometimes Perlite, Sand and Peat moss. It's all fine as long as it's low in pH and nutrients - which all 3 of those are. But my usual mix is perlite 20%, sharp sand 30%, peat moss 50%.
  9. I've got just over 24 mature Dionaea of mixed cultivars and 50 or so (very tiny) VFT seedlings that are just a few months old. All of them are outdoors and unprotected. Wind, rain, etc. They all tolerate UK weather well. I bring them indoors in the winter and leave them in a cold place like a garage when it gets VERY cold (minus 5-10c). But more often than not they are left outside all year. They do look better in a sunny, unheated greenhouse. The colour and appearance. But in full sun, outside flytraps can do well too. Some traps can go limp especially the more upright, spindley types such as Spider and also Akai Ryu (Red Dragon). I've also noticed a loss of colour in heavy rain like we're having at the moment. But this is just outdoor growing in general, it isn't perfection. They recover well and can become tougher in my opinion. I've lost a sundew to the frost but never any Dionaea (yet).... fingers crossed. On the plus side they get to hunt, often... mine are always full with flies that they have caught by themselves. Cattle roam in the opposite field so there is plenty of food.
  10. Hello I have a "Betty's Bay" Bladderwort too. It's in flower at the moment. Lovely pale violet and yellow 'bunny' type flowers on tall hair like strands. I've just re-potted mine into 9cm square pot so it's fairly mature. I'd like the white flowered one too, "LIVIDA". Utricularia makes such a change from the usuals, but they do just look like a pot of moss in winter I've been keeping it outside with the rest of my collection (bringing it indoors in very cold weather). It's been OK so far. It's outdoors in the garden mostly unprotected (rain, wind, etc) but in full sun. All my plants are grown this way. Greenhouses are better. But I don't have one. I'm poor. Anyone else have any success growing Utricularia outdoors in the UK?