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  1. Really nice for my eyes ! Impressive pitchers !
  2. Hi, i search some people who got this hybrid : Nepenthes × pyriformis It's an hybrid between N.Inermis and N.Talangensis If someone got it, I'll be happy to know more about it, have a pictures, or a place where I can buy it... ;)
  3. what do you mean by " you've a lidless gentle" ?
  4. Some news.. xGentle Inermis Première urnes de xMixta Truncata Upper of Lady Pauline Ventrata Robcantleyi spares of xGentle ( to sell )
  5. I really like your work, i'm so envious ! Amazing !
  6. You can also choose N.Hookeriana who keep a little size during long time
  7. LOL, i'm really agree with you Gareth, everybody need more than they have... ^^
  8. Where have you found N.Edwardsiana ? Very beautiful plants ! ♥
  9. Hello, I'm look at for some seeds of N.Edwardsiana, where do you think I can find this ? Gabin
  10. The collection is enlarged! I start running out of room this is true with only one table, you will have to invest in another table. I received a big order this morning at CZ. Nepenthes copellandii Nepenthes tentaculata Nepenthes ramispina Nepenthes maxima Nepenthes carunculata Nepenthes diatas Nepenthes macrophylla Nepenthes reinwardtiana Nepenthes robcantleyi Nepenthes spathulata Nepenthes spectabilis x aristolochioides Nepenthes spathulata x aristolochioides Nepenthes spectabilis Nepenthes burbidgeae Nepenthes hamata These are the pictures: N.Macrophylla N.Hamata N
  11. Hello, Here is my Highland Greenhouse, I will post photos every time I can, to show evolution of my collection. Let's go ! Let's grow ! Dear, Gabin
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    I'm agree with Guillaume59, I hope the best for your N.Hamata ( seeds ) ;)
  13. I search some highland nepenthes.. (hamata, edwardsiana, villosa, Platychila..)

  14. Live only for Nenpenthes

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